Paris Tragedy - chance for the GJ's to show respect

(stella wood) #1

What an opportunity for the GJ movement to show respect and to gain respect from everyone IMO… …but … no…

On hearing of this tragedy, the Paris GJ crowd could have dispersed peacefully… specifically to allow the forces they were engaging, to concentrate on helping/dealing with the unfolding events in the 9th arrondissement…

(Graham Lees) #2

Just goes to prove (along with an offer from the president for a national debate which they have rejected as too little too late) that they don’t care a monkeys shit about what they are supposedly demonstrating about - it’s all about Melenchon trying to even up the odds in the next presidential elections ably assisted by wankers and no-marks.

(Helen Wright) #3

Luke from USA…we are change…was on the scene…

(bob sivell) #4

I wonder how much more blame will be laid upon the GJ’s in the coming weeks / months…?

(stella wood) #5

The Gas Explosion was not due to the GJaunes… but it was IMO an opportunity for the GJ movement to gain some respect/credence.

GJ’s are (as I understand it) representing the ordinary people… and it was ordinary people who were injured/killed/suffering … due to the Gas Explosion…

(stella wood) #6

Sadly… this was aired, without correct information… some folk wrongly blamed the GJ’s… and this guy’s video went out blaming Terrorists… :roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face:

"Right now there has been a terrorist attack in Paris! Luke is lucky to be alive, he is currently live on the scene! "

To give him some slack… he sounds as if he is in shock…(who wouldn’t be?)… as he keeps going on about the “massive terrorist attack”…and wondering about secondary devices.

(Simon Armstrong) #7

Stella I feel he’s just a dick and not worth wasting time on. Maybe we should concentrate on the terrible loss suffered by the families of those killed in the explosion - among them these two young pompiers tasked with protecting us… tragic :sob::sob::sob:

Click pic for article.


Cagnotte / Collection Link

(stella wood) #8

Absolutely, Simon. So young… and so brave…so sad.

Anyone who puts themselves in danger, to aid others… they deserve our thanks and our respect…

“Sauver ou périr” (Save or Perish)… is the motto of the Paris Fire Brigade :open_mouth:

(Simon Armstrong) #9

True Stella. I just wonder how much respect they we’re shown whilst on duty in Paris over the past few weeks?..

(stella wood) #10

Sadly, very little I suspect… which is why I was serious when I started this thread.

GJ and all who complain/demonstrate or whatever… (and we all have an axe to grind)… Yesterday was a chance for everyone to come together in true solidarity. For the “mob” to show that they do care for folk other than themselves…

(Simon Armstrong) #11

I’m hoping someone opens a cagnotte / collection for the families of the dead and injured…pretty sure it will happen so I’ll post it when it goes live.

(stella wood) #12

Please do… we’ve got the Old Folks’ Christmas Lunch today… which means I will be off-line and incapable of sensible thought for many hours… hic…

(Simon Armstrong) #13

Fabulous ! Have a great day - do so love a long lunch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::partying_face::partying_face:

(stella wood) #14

You’ve no idea… :roll_eyes: it’s not only the lovely food… it’s the non-stop drink… the dancing by those of us who can still dance… :rofl:

You should see me cajoling the elderly gents to join me on the dance-floor… me and my pals work as a team to ensure that all the guys and gals enjoy themselves…

Hectic but terrific fun. :grinning::grinning:

(Jane Williamson) #15

This was a gas explosion, not a bomb.
Anyone with any decency would have stopped their protest.
They have shown that their extremist views are more important than the dead and injured.
That is what is being condemned.

(Jane Williamson) #16

This year we had a magic show after lunch and the schoolchildren and their parents joined us.
It was a young man from the village, but he was very good.
Neither of us are dancers, so we loved this.

(Helen Wright) #17

Yes he was one of the very first on the scene with a camera having just stepped out of the Airbnb he’s staying in…totally in shock but he kept live-streaming…as the situation unfolds there’s mention of the gas leak…the force of the blast had overturned cars and his initial impression was that it could have been a car bomb…

Dreadful and my heart goes out to everyone affected…:heart:

(bob sivell) #18

I wasn’t being that specific Jane
Their “success”, if I can call it that, has left them wide open to anyone wishing to align themselves for political or other reasons.
Sadly, what started out as a peaceful protest movement has been tarnished by extremists & “wankers” (see above post) , & this will only serve to discredit them…people using any excuse.

The reaction from the American doesn’t surprise me…Trump once having said that “Paris was lost”

Sad times

(Simon Armstrong) #19

I’ve updated post #7 with the Cagnotte / Collection Link to support the familles of the 2 pompiers who died yesterday.

(Brian Swift) #20

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