Paris with kids

I am celebrating reaching a certain decade on Sunday and so we are going to Paris this weekend with our girls ages 5,6 and 8. It’s the first time they’ve been to Paris (excluding driving thru on way to UK or visiting the famous home of Mickey Mouse) and besides the Eiffel Tower where else should we take them? Any food recommendations? These girls love charcuterie, steak tartare and moules frites so looking for a kid friendly Parisian bistro for lunch…

Hello Suzanne
Have a look at this site, there are lots of ideas for families…
Enjoy your weekend and have a happy birthday :slight_smile:


The Pompadour centre is great for children. A boat trip on the Seine is not bad either.

Thanks, I just missed the chocolate festival, that looked amazing!

I’ll have a look thanks for the recommendation

The streets just south of the river near Notre Dame are stuffed with tempting restaurants, you would be spoilt for choice.

The Sacre Cœur for a fabulous view over Paris and the artists in the Place du Tertre where I believe they can still have their portraits done (long time since I was there).

The Sainte Chapelle (near Notre Dame, another must) which is stunning.

Lunch on a bateau mouche. Really good food and terribly romantic! You’ll need to book in advance.

One of my favourite places to eat is the Train Bleu in the Gare de Lyon. Good food in a stunning setting. You’ll need to book there as well as it’s always full.

The Jardin Andre Citroen. There’s a tethered balloon to get a bird’s eye view of Paris (book there too!)

Arc de Triomphe (I think you can still climb up to the top)

And plenty more!

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FAB place … my favourite restaurant in Paris…

The Jardin d’Acclimatation is a great day out, re-live your youth with a ride on the chair-o-planes!:
Also recommend the playground in jardin luxembourg.

The Chez Papa chain bistros are lovely, although last ate there before kids they are quite casual and there are a few around paris.

5,6 and 8? Straight round the francilien, pick up the A1 and straight off to parc Asterisk.

Amplifying on David Martin’s idea of a trip on the Seine, the Batobus is a river bus service with 9 stops around the city centre. It is not a tour service but a bus service but they give you a tourist info sheet so you could guide the children.
The bus turns by the Ile Des Cygnes so they will see the model of the Statue of Liberty which stands there.

5, 6 and 8, having had five, my experience is children of 5,6 and 8 have no interest in stomping around Paris, unless it involves carousels, small animals or ice creams.
They certainly won’t appreciate a visit to the Louvre.

My wife recently spent a few days in Paris with our 13 yr old granddaughter. They got tickets on one of these tour buses where you can get on and off wherever you want. Give it a try…they thought it was super.

Mmm… I think the ages of these kids is what will dictate which things appeal…best to give them something they can get involved with… simple site-seeing will not cut the mustard (in my opinion)…

Spot on Stella, take the kids to Venice, get off the water taxi at St Marks square, and first question is, where’s the shopping mall followed by, can’t understand why this place is so popular, its just old houses and stinky water.

When my children were early teens I bought two day tickets to Disney and booked into a nearby hotel near to an RNR station. We did a day in Disney and on the way back I was asked if we had to use the second day ticket straight away. I looked at them and noticed they were valid until the following October. When I told them that my children asked if we could return to Disney later in the year and spend the following day in Paris. We did.

Hi Trevor
This reminds me of a visit I made to Rocamadour a few years ago with my French partner and his, at that time, 24 year old Parisian son Matthieu. Matt:- “There’s nothing here, it’s just a load of old rocks”. Me:- “Matt this is your patrimoine, you are so lucky to live in such a diverse country and it’s beautiful here”. Matt:- “There’s nothing to do, it’s full of old people and tourists and it’s still a load of old rocks”…

While in the UK last week, I took my 9 year old grandson out for the day… my idea of a museum visit failed to enthuse… but scrambling over slimy rocks and wading in the pools searching for crabs and other treasure… kept him enthralled for ages… I ended up with pockets full of “special” stones, pieces of fossilised wood and “absolutely definitely” at least one shark’s tooth…:heart_eyes:

Center Pompidou not Pompadour! Named after after French President Georges Pompidou 1962 to 1968who was a great patron of architecture and the arts.Very close to Les Halles shopping centre. the Louvre and les Jardins du Tuileries and a pleasant walk through the gardens with cafes etc to the Place de la Concorde and the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.