Patrons - what are they?

I have noticed that certain people are labelled as “Patron”, but I can’t find any indication of what that means and I’m curious :slight_smile:

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Patrons donate a small amount each month to help maintain/run the site. :slight_smile:

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Thank you (and to the Patrons).

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I made the wrong-headed assumption that Patrons were personages of substance who served as reference points of wisdom, discretion, learning, gravitas and dignity for the organisation in question @Flaneur.:innocent:

That was a (not at all expensive) mistake :joy::stuck_out_tongue:.

It’s very much a worthwhile cause IMO and as long as a few still live in blissful ignorance as to my apparently estimable eminence and the privilege and gracious bounty I bestow selflessly and unsung on Survive France, I shall remain content in my patronage…

NB it looks good on one’s CV too :stuck_out_tongue::hugs:


Peter, I knew they weren’t the sort of people you describe the moment I saw you are one!

And, being serious, it’s a worthwhile cause to support.


Persons of such crystalline discernment as you’ve displayed in rumbling me usually cough up in the end… :smiley:


D’accord, c’est pour ça que mon employée m’appelle “Patron” ; parce que je lui donne quelque chose chaque mois pour maintenir “mon site” (mon tabac !) :rofl:


Peter, I’d mistakenly assumed that your experience and eminence had taken you far beyond the need to even rememberthe world of constructing one’s CV…

It’s a hobby appropriate to my dotage, Mark, refreshing and embellishing my CV .

I can usually find some past achievement worth adding. I recall winning first prize (a set of towels) at a school fete when I was 12. I correctly identified ten smells from unlabelled smell-bottles. I remember the experience in almost all its detail, including most of the smells!

This could be of some value if seeking work as a parfumier or a wine critic? And it is novel enough to intrigue a prospective and suitably whimsical employer, do you think?

My CV is like Jacob’s Ladder, Mark. :roll_eyes:

But can you remember what happend yesterday.:smiley_cat:

@james I see a Tip Jar has been added to the subject bar.
Only problem is where people don’t use PP so unable to send you a small xmas wedge for your efforts :wink:
Are there alternatives (there used to be)?


No need to use paypal, please send by cheque to Wozza, @ xxxxx IBAN xxxxx xx xxxx :grinning:
If there are other methods I’d chip in!


Ok guys - question from Mr H - he thought that was a simple fix - clearly not! So anything better out there that you know of please?
Thank you! And have a lovely start of the weekend everyone :slight_smile:

I think you used to have a CB option… Revolut can also be used to make subscriptions but it requires account details…

I never knew you were Nigerian, Wozza!


Dir sir.
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@james @cat @Porridge this is just a joke nothing serious just me being playful if you deem this in anyway out of order pls delete it!


As an aside,
As a part of my day job, I work in this domain …
If any of you do receive an e-mail of this sort do not click on any links or reply to the sender. NEVER CLICK ON LINKS & NEVER REPLY TO SENDER!!!
Change all your passwords on all accounts (do not use the same passwords, use different ones for each).
Don’t panic, as most times this sort of e-mail doesn’t have any other details other than your e-mail address.


The idea of changing all my passwords every time some scammy email lands in my in-box sounds a bit crazy! We must get one (usually pretending to be laposte, orange or edf) every 10 days or so.

Can I make a payment link with revolut for CB? That would be ideal

As a quick question,what is money given through the Tip Jar used for?