Pay as you go broadband packages in France


We’re going to spend a couple of months in France and need wired broadband for that time.

Just wondered if anyone on here had taken out a rolling monthly contract deal, what it cost and who it was with.

I found a 2019 thread on here suggesting Orange, but wondered if things had moved on.

Thanks for any help,


Would a Bouygues 4G box work for you. Fast and no commitment.

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Hi Mat,

I’ll look into that. Thank-you!


Wired probably not as a monthly - but mobile coverage seems to be better than a few years ago and there’s a lot of PAYG or no commitment deals on 3/4g.

The SIM based modems are pretty fast assuming a half decent signal.

I’m certain I have posted this link before but the OP might find it useful if considering 4G The further away from the antenna the weaker the signal (probably).

Hi Chris,

There’s quite a strong 4G signal in the place. I’ll have to check who it belongs to and price up a package. I’m living temporarily in a part of Wiltshire that 4G forgot at the moment, so a little sceptical about mobile generally. Which is irrational, I know!

Thanks, Graham.

SFR mast 3 to 4 Km away. Might work!


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may depend on the line of sight and terrain of course.
You might also like to try the Bouygues offer page where you can test your address for eligibility - but note that whilst it might say no, in practice you might still be able to get a signal. That was the case for us originally but we persisted with the order nonetheless and continue to use the service to this day (although sometimes the signal drops to almost nil for whatever reason). We are only 1.1km from the mast which is placed high over the brow of a hill shielded from us by woodland so can’t actually “see” it visually.

don’t even consider SFR… quite a lot complain about their service on here :wink:

Thanks, Graham. I managed to check our ultra rural area for Bouy-whatever they’re called fibre. They claim it’s available at up to 2 gig / sec. Which is surprising!

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They also now have a 5G option if you are within an area of coverage.

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Sosh is wired internet with no commitment and I’m loving it. You’re not tied into a contract and can cancel anytime :+1::+1:

And it’s low cost :grin:


here is one that worx: all the time as it is choosing the provider with the fastest network. We have a SFR subscription. SFR is owned by BT. In our region, the legendary “FN Gard” , we have this lovely little sweetheart technicians and they only like French providers. Every other Provider will be treated with the typical genteel neglect tactic because it is not French. That is the fashion now. Because I do not want to hear all the worries in the lives of these friendly service technicians, I always have a prepaid Lebara card and then connect so that my ISP with the friendly service technician may talk directly. If a falling branch during a storm breaks the phone wire it can take at least a good week until the experts come and there then the Lebara card was always better than the actual connection with SFR. And it’s lest expensive. and You carry you router with you…

interesting link… but how do you see that helping the OP with his issue?

Theo, thanks! 130GB of data for 12 bucks looks like a great deal. I think we could run on that if we can’t get fibre. Fibre seems to be in the locale, but you never know!


I’m open to any ideas, Graham! Looks like there’s fibre to the neighbourhood, but whether it comes down our deserted lane is another matter! We’ll look at 4G as potential backup.


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I only mentioned the interesting link bit because from what I could see, it was for calls into France (which might be helpful to others) whereas you were looking for solutions the other way round…

TBH, it’s mostly data that we need. We mostly deal with family, friends and clients over Zoom, Teams and / or WhatsApp calling.

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I’ve been using Free for several months now just for the data. Its 19.00 a month for 230GB and is supposed to be 5G depending on your router. Its no contract, you just have to remember to renew a day before it expires each month or it will expire at midnight and you then have to go back to the Free store or kiosk and get a new SIM. Its an extra 10.00 for the SIM but you only pay that once. I’ve had to do it once and it was painless.
It also has a phone number and can get texts but I don’t use either.
Its plenty fast in my area for me to use VOIP and remote desktop and Team Viewer at the same time.
I would suggest whichever you go with, make sure you get a good SIM enabled modem. I went with the Huawei B818-236 as it was supposed to be the most moddable. If you are nerdy there are some nice programs that tap into the interface and let you watch things and fiddle with them.


Thanks! Is Free a virtual provider or do they have their own network? I’ll try to find out if there’s coverage at the place.

Thanks again for the advice!