PayPal - updating your browser

How do you try to connect the tablet? Normally it would be in Settings - Network (or something like that) and pressing the name of the Wifi network, and then inputting the password/security key.

P.S. Sorry to have hijacked this thread about Paypal & browser problems

It was me that hijacked it, but while it seemed that 2 of us were having techie problems and so many experts were gathered together in one place, it seemed the right thing to do, though I didn’t realise it would be so complicated.

The answer to your question is simply by trying to log onto any given website at random, that’s how it used to work, but in view of what you have just asked, I have just gone into settings and it says I am already logged on.

Yes, I know. I’ve always waited before installing a new operating system version, to give it time to settle down, and I don’t plan to install Big Sur as soon as it is released. But let me know how it goes when you do decide to upgrade!

Will do, assuming I can connect and Safari works afterwards :crazy_face:

I use LastPass as I can never remember my passwords. Just don’t forget the password to get into it! Works on my laptop, phone and tablet. You can store card details on it as well, although I tend to use PayPal whenever possible if buying on line.

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Think positive!

Using Revolut you. can use a virtual card which expires after each use.

Sorry to hark back but I forgot to add it was wrong of course. Nothing has changed.

I will look into that. Thank you.


I’m sorry for the problems you’ve had. I don’t use PayPal but if it helps, Revolut (you get the interbank exchange rate plus a very small percentage), is a really useful account or a lot of people use transferwise. The exchange rates are cheap if you need to use them and you can send money instantly to you your daughter if she too has an account with them, it’s just a phone app to look at your account. You don’t need a card if you don’t want but everyone gets a virtual card. Best of luck.

Catherine - thank you for kind thoughts.
And everyone else for the wide ranging techno and money transfer info. I’ve learned a lot, the info has been very helpful and I’m going to check on the alternatives that have been suggested.
What really miffed me, though, was that I’ve now lost the spontaneity of being able to e-mail and say ‘Fancy a few lines on EuroMill’ or the UK equivalent; for me to surprise her with offer - and more important - the instant ping of money into her account. (Money, money, money - cheered her up). We’re only talking small sums of £/euros here - and it was the simplicity, speed - and surprise element of PayPal - that I really liked.
Nothing nicer than a ‘ping’ on your phone to say your Mum’s giving you the chance to gamble - and here’s the money to do it…!!!
It is that type of link that I’m going to miss very much.
And I’m sad about it; very, very annoyed with myself because it was something stupid I had done -
and just wanted to warn others about installing or updating browsers.
Learn from others - always good advice.
But thanks everyone - did enjoy reading comments.
And aren’t you all an interesting group…

Anne - you seem to have assumed that this is gone forever - yet, from what you have told us, I cannot see that is the case.

But we do need to be able to get you back in to your PayPal account (if that is indeed the problem).

I’ve made some suggestions - which, as far as I can tell, you have not tried.

Let’s start with the basics - I assume that you have an email account, do you have more than one and if so are you sure you are using the right email to try to log into PayPal?

Easy to check which email address PayPal have sent emails to previously to see which email address is used.

Hi Paul & Mat
Paul - your’e a determined person aren’t you - love that attitude.
Mat - have only ever had one e-mail address for PayPal - which is my french one - and yes, I’ve checked.
I’m feeling a bit ‘whacked’ at the moment.
I also need to think carefully about exactly how, and the various ways I tried, to correct this problem.
It will get complicated - I’m not sure others on here would be interested if this thread becomes too long.
Can I leave this until I’ve checked my notes and come back to you, Paul, tomorrow, with a clear explanation of what I tried, including using daughter’s UK mobile number, inputting that into PayPal, getting a text from PayPal with a set of code numbers, inputting those numbers - and PayPal still severed the connection.

One question; if accessing PayPal from France isn’t the system ‘aware’ of the country of origin ? ie doesn’t the IP address give the game away ?
Even if using an e-mail that doesn’t utilise country ie .fr or .uk - would the PayPal system be fooled ?

Let’s chat tomorrow - or even use private messaging - any thoughts ?
But guys, I really am grateful for offers of help.
And I won’t have been able to use our (mine & daughter’s) lucky numbers tonight - so our winning numbers won’t have been entered …!!
So we’re not going to be millionaires this week !!!

(it does sound that Revolut would be perfect for this purpose and even easier than PayPal)

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Private message best if any more confidential details need to be revealed - NOT passwords, obviously, but you probably wouldn’t want e.g. email addresses in the open forum.

Anne - you mention that your email address is French, was your PayPal account originally set up in the UK or France?

As I have access to a computer in France I have just had a go with the password recovery there (while sat comfortably at home in the UK - that aspect of the Internet never ceases to impress me) - it is slightly different to the UK one in that it only offers to send a security code by text to the phone number known to PayPal whereas in the UK I get 4 different options including text and email.

Yes it does but, while PayPal is “country specific” it will allow you to log into your account from anywhere (people travel, obviously) and was happy to let me reset my password even though I was using a French IP address.

PayPal seems to use its notion of where the account lives, rather than the email address - mine is a .org address so not tied to any specific country but once I have logged in and logged out again PayPal defaults to the UK site even though the IP address is French (if I clear cookies, it reverts to the French site until I log in).