Pesticides in neighbouring fields

Do french farmers use as much pesticide as farmers in other countries?

Rather difficult to determine that John. If you google pesticide consumption in Europe you will come up with figures disaggregated by country but these are concerned with overall consumption rather than figures for individual enterprises or types of cultivation. Vine yards will use different pesticides to arable farmers or livestock farmers for example. Given that any farm chemical is expensive and the regulations on pesticide residues in the food chain become increasingly stringent farmers in France and elsewhere in the EU (those idiotic regulations imposed by Brussels,HA Ha Ha) will be using less in future.

Thanks for the reply David, it’s just that the French have a reputation for good quality food and was wondering if it had anything to do with them having a tendency to grow more organically.

Well french wines have a good reputation but very few are organic…report in paper today said this:

In 2000, a French government report noted that vineyards used 3% of all agricultural land, but 20% of the total pesticides. In 2013, a study found traces of pesticides in 90% of wines available at French supermarkets.

And France has been slower than other countries to take up organic production, especially in meat. Although cheese could be the exception. We are in an area of comté cheese and the farmers can use chemicals on the cows but can’t spray the fields as they have to be flower rich meadows - and this is inspected.

“bio” is gradually making its way across the countryside, as France bans more and more pesticides and unnecessary chemical intrusion into the food-chain. It is essential to have the support of local farmers as well as the Public to achieve the full “bio” effect.

We live in an area which is intensively “bio” … thus the local produce bought for the school dinners is all “bio”… except the meat. Although the meat does come from a farm which has almost gained the “bio” label. It is almost there and we shall soon be able to officially confirm that we give the children totally organic food…

Many folk are turning to (bio)organic market-gardeners for their fruit, veg, eggs and it is becoming a thriving network.

Youngsters (by my standards) are buying some of the fallow fields and empty properties and turning them into a viable business/living. Huge sums are not being made, but they reckon that this is the best way of life for them and their children.

Of course some folk complain when they are told they cannot use a certain weedkiller (or whatever) on the garden path etc etc… (and yes, the weeds do drive me mad too)… but I doubt we would ever get 100% uncomplaining support for anything… :wink::zipper_mouth_face::relaxed:

We can now find bio meat in the local supermarket; but not bio meat which also has good welfare standards for the animals. Still a way to go…

Absolutely, it’s the complete package… how they live, how they feed, how they are treated…and then, of course, how they die.

This thread has been interesting…

I wonder how the EU backtracking on glyphosate ban will affect this?

It’s an ongoing battle … “everyone” wants to see chemicals reduced/removed from the water table and the food chain… (or do they?). Perhaps folk only want it, so long as it doesn’t cost them anything extra… certainly many Farmers are up in arms…

Ordinary folk are already forbidden to use a wide range of stuff… in their gardens etc etc… and more and more Collectivities are signing the “bio-charter” and sourcing alternative means of control.

Yes, there may well be an additional cost and Yes alternative ways of doing things have to be found. (often more labour intensive).

If the planet is to survive… all of us have to make changes… :zipper_mouth_face:

Is this going to include stuff like ant powder? Hope not.

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I use washing-up liquid… they don’t like crossing that… :grin:

Keeping ones ‘plot’, unattractive to ants and other bugs/animals, works too Mark, they won’t waste their time if there’s Nowt t’ eat :wink:

Get nests everywhere, in the grass, under the shed(s), in the bloody ceiling once, big bastards too. I need spray, powder and nitroglycerin/napalm to keep the little bleeders at bay here.

I think napalm might bring you more trouble than just a few ants…

Are they black ants or red ants…??? The red ones bite the black ones don’t bite…I’ve found food grade diatomaceous earth keeps the unwelcome out of the house…(dries them up)…or you could also communicate with them on an energetic level…set your boundaries and let them know they’re welcome but no crossing your boundaries…witch surprisingly also works…! Lol…x :slight_smile:


Wott, how energetic does one need to be? :thinking:

The big black ones bite too - I do try to communicate with them on a energetic level, I put energy into treading on them😂

Anyway, is ant powder going to be banned?

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Morning Mark… if you list the ingredients for us… it might help get the answer :thinking:

I think it’s 0.5% permethrin