Pet Passports 2021

A friend of mine living in Kent with her cat has a UK pet passport, which is no longer valid for visiting France.

From what I’ve researched, she needs an EU Pet Passport, including an EU Annex IV (a seven-page EU pet import license), and a current health certificate, all of which only an authorized EU vet can supply. And only one trip is allowed from the UK to France with the EU pet passport.

You will need a brand new health certificate for each future visit, and your time in France will have to comply with the passport’s mandatory limit of four months or until the rabies vaccination date expires, whichever is sooner.

If the time limits run out, you will have to pay a French vet for a new health certificate and or a rabies jab to get back to the UK.

Am I right in all the above?

I’m finding it difficult to understand the new regulations!