Pet Travel.Documentation

Ive just returned from the UK vets with the new pet travel document. 13 pages of Defra waffle, 50 minutes of the Vets time, umpteem red stamps on each pages and many £££ lighter we can finally get back to France. The pet travel document is valid for one trip of up to 4 months. We are coming to our 2nd home in Burgundy and i wondered if anyone can let me know if i can get French pet passports for my two dogs. Thank you

I think you need to be resident in France (and the dogs need to have at least French conversation level A2 !)


Have a look towards the bottom of the link below.
Yes you can get a Euro pet passport, no you don’t need to be a resident, you will need to get a rabies titre test done and depending on the vet they might want to do the rabies vaccination or booster again.

yes. You can get a european pet passport. Be prepared for just as much documentation and time as getting the certification (which actually took me 10 minutes when I saw the vet in the UK because the paperwork had been completed beforehand.)

I have been told that there is a significant date of 1st October approaching which impacts on pet passports - not sure what the significance is though (sorry its vague).

As far as I am aware and being told you should be resident in France to get a EU passport for pets - it may be possible to get one but that is different whether you are 100% allowed to get one.