Philip Schofield

I hold no brief for this bloke and have only seen him over the years in ads now and then.
But can anyone say why ITV are getting all hepped up in complaining that he was interviewed about an affair with a fellow employee?
And so he denied it, why shouldn’t he, how is it any of their business what happens between consenting adults?

It seems to be an issue of broken trust and poor judgement. I’ve not heard of him outside of recent news (no TV for more than 40 years) but this is the jist of it.

Yes, I don’t know him at all and I’ve never seen the show he recently stepped down from, but it all seems rather bizarre and OTT to me. I did read ITV’s statement about him fibbing about his affair and it read like a wounded lover’s, not a corporation’s comments. Does the World really care if he had an affair?

Maybe I’m just not up to date with what matters?

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IIRC the person was a young (very young?) Individual who had asked for help getting started in TV. There may be an abuse of position/predatory aspect that resulted in an earlier enquiry (hence the questions asked) and denials.


I can remember pre-France when my two were small and he was the bloke in a cupboard with a talking ferret thing on children’s TV. Just looked him up for more recent info and it seems his brotherhas just been jailed for being a paedo.


I was more a Basil Brush man myself.


Allegedly he was grooming his partner from a very young age

Good grief… :roll_eyes:

There is that DM/ Express/ Sun/ Star favourite word, allegedly…:wink:


So it boils down to how young and since when. At first, before his partner was described as a young male, I thought it might have been Hilly Wallaby and their mentioned difficulties might have been a smoke screen.

If his partner was not underage when it started, and that is the only cause for concern, ITV are being a bit holier than thou and nosey about it. Lying to cover up something which you prefer to keep private is not illegal, or even a sacking offence. Indeed, many of us might be inclined to show them a tall finger when questioned. :thinking:

His brother’s case should have no bearing, I am not my brother’s keeper etc.


You have a duty to report child abuse regardless of your relation to the abuser.

Is this relevant on a French forum ?

Can we not talk about things French.

What about Pierre Palamde.

Same type of think Cossie….google it you don’t know the bloke and what happened.

A pregnant woman lost her child BTW.

So yeah PS is quite irrelevant in the French scheme of things.

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The usual witchhunt ,This time I believe the press is looking for proof that he was under 18 when he started the relationship with the runner.
I still can’t get my head around being branded a paedophile for hookin up with someone
17 /18 .
I wouldn’t have been very happy if it was my son and would have called him lots of names but paedophile no .

It would not be unusual for an organisation to become concerned if an older senior individual were to have an affair with a much younger employee working in a related area. If I as a dept head were to start making advances to one of the junior scientists aged about 25, possibly with offers of ‘help’ with their career then quite rightly HR might become involved. If I then lied to HR in order to hide my sins and were later discovered to have done so, it would be reasonable for a manure/windmill interaction to occur. His falling out with the female co-presenter may well have been a result of both the affair and his poor treatment of his wife that resulted.

The more I think about this, the more obvious his departure becomes.


Point taken but he wasn’t a department head, just a figurehead, and in any case, presumably, not in a position of seniority to this person. Does that not make a difference?

I was a transport manager in England with drivers and office staff reporting to me and thus being open to my attitude to help or hinder their careers, but when I was a driver here, would it matter to anybody if I was to have a relationship with one of the younger office or warehouse staff? And if both of us wanted it to be a secret, would it have been the business of the owner of the company? In my opinion, no.

If you met them when they were 12 and friended them on social media at 15 they might be concerned

I would see him as a very powerful, high profile public figure with a lot of charisma and especially influence within his industry. The effect I could have on someones’ career would be fairly minor compared to Schofield.

What exactly are you trying to say?

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Googled it and found nowt. Who is Cossie ?

Well, his brother is now a convicted sex offender, so perhaps it’s familial thing.