Phone use illegal in cars even when car is stopped

So we can presume that the gendarmes will nick all the hunters using their “talkie-walkies” while teararsing around in their pick ups, or maybe there will be a separate law :thinking:

Ha ha Mark… I think we can presume that there will be a lot of hoo haa from all quarters.

Yes I see that often here Mark, I also hope they breathalyse them at the same time. I believe that anyone out hunting with a gun should pass a test before, and after taking part in a hunt, but that’s another can of worms! :roll_eyes:

I know the local Lieutenant de Louveterie … next time I see him I’ll ask him what control there is … re drink and guns… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: (I agree that there should be something in place).

Laws such as this only work if there is someone to police them. Extremely rare to see police on the road here in the Tarn.

I would be interested in his answer Stella. Judging by the amount of times I have seen groups of hunters sitting in open barns sharing food and alcohol during ‘a pause’ I don’t think they will be zero free :wink:

Our local lot tend to return to their Chasse House… to wine and dine… and then (of course) drive home… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ditto Mandy - rare as rocking horse sh*t here in the Ariège!

Good to have you back on here Simon. Your posts make me smile.

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Yes, in the olden days. ‘Drunk In Charge Of A Motorvehicle’. Now it is the onus of the Police to prove an intent to drive. :slight_smile:

I am curious as to how the authorities would respond if you have pulled over at a layby, safely off the road, and then got out of your car to make/take a call, since you would no longer be “au volant”. I live in the Vaucluse and there are very few proper parking areas while driving from town to town.

I also wonder if some drivers who currently pull to the side of the road to use their phones, a very rare occurrence these days, will decide to continue driving and use the phone as they feel that they will be fined either way.

Nancy… if you are out of your car… you are not in it… 'nuff said. :grinning:

Regarding those using the phone while driving… surely they can put their phone to “silent running” and pick up their messages when they take-a-break.

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Stella…if only they would! I do not understand at all the need to be constantly connected to one’s phone.

I have often thought that it would be wonderful if car manufacturers would install a device which would not allow you to use your phone while the car is in motion. I cannot count the times when we have seen, or almost been involved, in a sideswipe accident due to someone being on their phone. I can think of very few things that strike terror in my heart such as seeing the tailgating driver behind me in an animated conversation on their phone!

Heartily agree… such folk… I long for them to overtake and go into the blue… well away from me…

I believe there is something possible, which block phone connection when the engine is switched on… not sure if it is in place in cars … or is just being considered.

Perhaps there is hope for us yet!

It has been lovely “talking” to you. I have been receiving the newsletter for some time and thoroughly enjoy the comments and the information provided. Thank you, and everyone, for providing this service to us all.

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But car manufacturers want to sell cars and I doubt that particular device would be good for sales figures.

I know earpieces are illegal but am I right in thinking that handsfree kits with loudspeakers are still permitted? Even then it’s potentially a distraction mentally but at least it doesn’t take your eyes off of the road and hands off the controls while you manipulate your phone. A lot of cars have them inbuilt, or can do as an option, or if not handsfree kits are cheap enough these days.

I only know that when the mobile phone rings… both of us jump… hardly a safe response, I know… and that is when we are not even in the car… :heart_eyes:

This is from 2016 so it must be possible to do. Car manufacturers might not like it but if it saved lives…

Thanks @ChrisK … thought I had seen it somewhere… :slight_smile:

Anna, you are absolutely right! No car manufacturer, in his/her right mind, would do anything to block the use of mobile phones, in fact, they seem to be developing even more electronic devices (video screens), to be used while driving. My communications are only the ramblings of a senior citizen wishing for a return to a kinder, gentler, less complicated time.

In the article it mentions, “The rule applies to the use of a smartphone held in your hand, and does not apply to cars properly fitted with hands-free sets.” So, I think, that you are right in thinking that these are allowed.

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