Places cats get into!

Here is Dexy, "Who needs a bed?"

What do your cats get in to??

Take a look at this self-packing cat!!

......... and you may be wondering just why cats like to squeeze themselves into small spaces?

They crawl into drawers, baskets, and boxes. They climb into corners of closets, hide under beds, and station themselves in the corner of your favorite easy chair. Before you've even unpacked your groceries, your cat is curled up inside one of the paper bags.

If it is small in area and has at least three sides, your cat will probably climb inside and make himself comfortable.

It isn't difficult to imagine why cats like being enclosed. They feel snug and protected in smaller, defined places. Cats have a natural need for warmth and protection; their ever-present instinct tells them to be alert to dangers that might sneak up on them when they are dozing. If the enclosure has a top, that's even better.

You should make sure your cat has a variety of snug places where he can curl up and take a nap. You can buy an endless variety of beds, boxes and hideaways from which to choose. But a simple homemade Shangri-La can be made from a cardboard box tipped on its side and lined with a soft pillow or blanket. An upside-down box with holes cut in the sides also will make a nice retreat and hours of feline fun!


Good idea

Yes, what is it exactly about the dishwasher????? Our cats all seem to have a kitchen appliance fetish! :-)) Tatou loves to help me empty the dishwasher in the evenings!

What is it exactly about the dishwasher??

Our ginger and white can hear it opening from 100 metres, and he is in there!! Judging by your photos Jane, that I'll have to check the fridge next time too!

PS They are gorgeous puss-cats, your 2!

Lovely photos... and if Brutus is the 'tabby' he has beautiful markings.

When Zorro first arrived [he was about a year old] it was hard to stop him jumping into the fridge every time I opened it. It suddenly dawned on me that his previous people probably kept his food in their's...

Brutus & Daisy helping to clean the fridge,

Brutus checking the dishwasher

Daisy guarding the beer

Zorro's a strange little cat... during the evening [whilst I'm still up and about] he sleeps in my market pannier which lives on top of a 6' tall cupboard. As soon as I go to bed he scoots upstairs to beat me to the best pillow!

A friend just sent me this

it seems that Maru the cat has quite a following - what a character!!

Feral caught a bird this morning and was very proud walking around with it , at 6 months not bad ---

Iggie is not a rescue cat , we bought him as a kitten he s a white marbled bengal and pure breed , we had him neutered -- because he was sometimes gone for days...

I think one of the most important things about owning a Bengal is to start training as soon as it enters your household so that it knows what is, and what is not, acceptable. Unchecked, cats will cause havoc around the house unless they know their boundaries. A simple and firm hissing noise coming from you when a cat is misbehaving will tell it to stop. Bengals are very quick to learn. It will recognise the hissing noise as a reprimand after a very short time.

there is a bengal cat rescue in the UK

Absolutely beautiful! Do they come as rescue cats as well? If so, they'll be on my list for next time (+ a Siamese!)

Yep I agree , bengals are very smart cats ...and he s the daddy lol , he s the one who rules

They are a lot bigger now , but whenever there s a box of energy tubes for my ciggies around they just empty it and still try to get in ...

Love this one!! What a contradiction - I think he needs new batteries!

Simon's Cat is my first port of call if I'm feeling a bit blue and need a smile. I don't mind which one - they are all so good - and usually end up watching the complete collection! :))