Please deliver me from phone hell

I did scan some past topics but could do with an up to date recommendation.

My Honor 7 is on its way out. Mainly because some apps no longer work with the software. Thanks a bunch built in obsolescence!!

I started looking at different specs but it is hellish.

Can anyone recommend a phone that is decent, no more than roughly 250 euros (without a contract) that takes good pictures?

A micro-SD slot would also be welcome as I don’t really want to do cloud storage.

Many, many thanks to whoever saves me from spending more time on Techradar!


Have a look at the Samsung A50.

My wife has this model and it works very well bought from LeClerc on promotion.
This reference suggests where to buy…

Nice big clear screen and good camera.


Thank you!!! :heart::heart::clap::raised_hands:

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Samsung have a nifty feature which allows you to transfer al your apps from one phone to another which saves you starting from scratch.

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Thank you again. A good recommendation saves literally hours of time. Hope you have a nice evening!

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Pleasure. Mine is a OnePlus 3T - which was a gift from my son after his firm replaced it with a newer model but, other than that, I would have gone Samsung again.

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I think most Android phones can do this. I generally prefer to review apps individually as cruft accumulates otherwise.

The Moto G range are generally held to be good mid-price phones.


My latest phone has been my best, a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Smartphone, 4GB RAM 128GB ROM 6.53 inch Display with a 48MP AI Quad Camera and a 5020mAh battery.
Takes truly superb photos, 159 euro.éléphone-DotDisplay-Processeur/dp/B08863XQ74/ref=mp_s_a_1_22_sspa?


I have a Samsung, slightly older model A20, and am pleased with the camera and overall value for money.


Mine is the same as Jane’s, and I’m perfectly happy with it.

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Redmi 9T

I have had several Xiaomi phones, Pocophone F1, Mi9, two Redmi 7s (for work trip to US), and am eyeing up a latest release to replace the now ageing (but still able F1) - as far as I’m concerned, it is great kit, at a very reasonable price.

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@Griffin36 @RicePudding Thanks for your replies. Are your phones affected like the newer huawei by restrictions on Google play?

No, no restrictions.

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No restrictions at all so far with Xiaomi products.
Whether that will stay that way, given the recent Trump ordered blacklisting by the US DoD, remains to be seen. So far that DoD investment blacklisting hasn’t been extended to the Dept of Commerce Excluded Entity Listing, and Xiaomi is fighting the order in the courts.

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Another :+1: for Xiaomi - on my third one and they are great value.

Excellent choice!

Look at the Motorola G range. Immense battery life, very good value. If you read this you will get a good idea of what the Moto G series offers. Other phone in the same league get a mention. It’s a good, broad based look at the <£200 price range.

If my G6 failed, I’d be straight back to AMZ for a G9 or G30

Another plus for the Xiaomi Redmi - or the budget Blackviews. The Redmi is probably better value.

In general - the cheaper phones are less flexible on their memory - so any SD card is really only useful for photos - music etc - its nearly impossible to put apps on the card - so decent memory in the phone is more important. The Redmi comes with various memory options and the prices are pretty good - avoid 16GB internal memory it gets swallowed too quickly.

A lot of phones now claim Dual SIM when they’re actually 1 SIM and a SIM/SD slot - the Redmi and the 80’ish Euro Blackviews are both dual SIM with an additional SD card slot. Now how useful 2 SIMS are depends on how you use it - UK/France - Work/Home - for me its important for a lot of people its not - but worth nowing and considering.

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Not had that problem, some apps compete to be king as with PC’s but my phone puts most of the files on the SD whilst access to program maybe stored on the phones memory.