Plunge pool

After stalking the swimming pool threads for a number of years (especially interested to read John’s advice) we’ve decided to replace our pop-up grandkids pool for something a bit more robust. We’re perched on the side of a mountain, so it’s still small - 3.5 x1.5 metres, and 120cm deep.

Does anyone have a link or saved document for John’s pool recommendations? I’ve tried to pm him, but I suspect his computer is having a holiday or he’s working too hard (it is, after all, high season for pool maintenance)

Thanks in advance

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Found it…

Used the magnifying glass at the top of the screen and entered “john swimming pool advice” and there is was :wink:

Wow, thanks!
Should have thought of that …


Hi Angela
Did you ever get your swimming pool issues sorted? Because I have a very similar problem, although not in such a mountainous part of the country! Anyway I have bought a ‘fibreglass’ moulded pool, but am worried about impact damage from my dog** (aka dog strike). I tried using the search function (thanks Graham!) to find out how to protect my pool, but only came up with academic research on this so of no actual help. Any advice welcome.
25th August

** she is energetic, badly groomed, unboundaried and over-friendly, but adorable, like her owner I like to think…

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Hi Paul,
We decided to build a plunge pool on wood. Due to a few family visits, we’re a bit delayed, but it should be finished next week.
I didn’t get much advice from the forum, so just plodded along.
What’s the problem with your dog? Scratches to the gel coat?

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Just like to say that was partly due to technical connection problems for both of us.

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Dog problem fixed, thanks to judicious use of wire mesh. Now need to fix over-friendliness issue…