PM's plane to be rebranded at cost of £900,000

Say’s it all really :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


How perfectly emetic.


Value for money says the UK government, who are we to argue as residents of France? :wink:

As someone who pays most of my tax there I believe I have a right. The whole idea of using RAF planes was to save money on an unnecessary extravagance. I suppose since the government’s recent falling out with the airlines BA is less likely to be willing to lend BJ a plane that already has a Union Jack painted on the tail.


@tim17 By which you mean?
This is yet just another vanity project by the Conservatives (like HS2).

Perhaps they will paint a picture of a thumbs down on the tailfin?

I’m more interested in how France spends the 0000’s I pay to the impots every year Graham, unlike many on here I don’t obsess about what the UK does.


I might not live in UK but I still have relatives there (as I’m sure you might) and wasting money on a vanity project like this could impact things like child poverty and pensions so it is of interest. I also still have a vote in the UK and assessed for UK tax on our Govt pensions so - call it obsess if you like - but it is a valid interest and feel quite at ease commenting about it.


I hope the angst you’re feeling about the effect this will have on poverty in the UK doesn’t keep you awake at night Graham. :grinning:

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Like many things in the news, it’s mainly incorrect. The plane is in for a refit, whilst there it will get a repaint that will be a very small portion of the 900k.

900k to paint a plane, come on wake up people.

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Well obviously it seems you don’t care a flying fuck…

Not in the slightest Graham, I am though pissed off that my commune wasted 100K on a failed butchers/catering business.

I hope the angst you’re feeling about the effect this will have on your commune doesn’t keep you awake at night Tim :wink:
After all, there’s sod all you can do about it now…

Exactly Graham, not worth expending any energy on something you have no control over.

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What’s it called?
Royal Air Force One?
If only his ability matched his ambitions. . . .

Uselessness Force One :rofl:
A report from :

The Voyager began transporting VIPs, including other Government ministers, in 2016 following a £10 million refit.
It was announced at the time that the 58-seater transport aircraft would continue to conduct air-to-air refuelling missions for the RAF when not in use and that it had retained its military livery.

So with its new livery - having, lost its anonymity in battleship grey, it’ll be a bit like the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, described by Russia as just a nice big target to aim at :wink:

Can you find a link to that please. No 10 has said that the rebranding will cost that sum.

To paint a plane that size is roughly 100k, could be less.

The rest is the refit.

Don’t believe all you read…

I don’t which is why I’m not believing you. :slight_smile: