Porridge - import ok?

I can’t find a definitive answer online. Can I bring porridge with me to France. We can’t start the day without it!

Do you you use pinhead oatmeal or Scott’s type porridge oats? Because if it is the latter you can buy it loose in all the health food bio etc shops.

I can’t see why not… but you can buy it here. We have it during the Winter/cold months.


Nothing like a fine pot of parritch blooping quietly away to itself overnight on a corner of the range. Pinhead oatmeal water and salt mmmmmmmmm magicked into food of the gods.

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And a big dollop of homemade strawberry jam

Pinhead oats are like gold dust in France. Where do you get them?
Had to ask friends to bring some so I could make a decent cranachan.

We make porridge in France with the oats from Lidl.

My wife’s breakfast every morning, she tells me that Lidl Lidl porridge is as good as any she has tasted and the bags are very reasonably priced :+1:

We bought some in France on our last trip but I’m wondering if we can bring our usual locally grown organic brand.

Unless it’s on the banned-substances list, pack it and cross your fingers.
At worst, you can buy some here in France…

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I get people to bring them. Otherwise there’s always the great Satan :wink:

Support your locally grown French organic oats. Pop into your nearest Bio shop and you should find at least one type ‘en vrac’. Although it isn’t a banned good so you can bring it. The first couple of years here when we were going backwards and forwards a lot we did bring familiar things with us. But slowly gave this up and now source everything here. My big breakthrough was realising that a French brand was better than Heinz tomato sauce.


They practically never have pinhead oatmeal though, just various sizes of rolled oats.

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You will understand :wink:

I was in Scotland for a couple of days in March and had a mealie pudding, god I love mealie puddings :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Oily gloop. Only had it once and tasted like a rusk dunked in lard.

That wasn’t a good mealie pudding! Bad ones need to be given to the gulls or a drunk student immediately, good ones are fabulous, really they are.

We get this in our local Super U no problem, other than their appalling attitude to stocking goods on a regular basis.
There are usually three boxes in our pantry.

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Our mobile shop gets in what her customers want… thankfully… so no problems here.

Could you not just buy some oatmeal and chop it in a coffee grinder? You keep the bran in the mixture that way.

That is how you get ready brek, I have done it :rofl:
No really all the bio shops sell rolled oats of different grades en vrac, it is only pinhead oatmeal which is hard to come by.