Post Brexshit Banking

For the last few weeks, every time I log into my BNP account it asks me to update some documentation. I have been ignoring this as a point of principle as it is asking me for a valid Titre de séjour and I don’t see why I or anyone else should be asked to provide this before Dec 31.

However, principles aside, I thought it might be worth giving everyone a heads up that banks may / might / will start asking for this.

Consider yourselves alerted!


No requirement here (yet) on our Banque Pop Atlantique account… but it does hassle me to set up 2 factor authentication in the app :wink:

Useful nudge just in case @cat (thought you were on your hols?)

CA-Normandie has a nifty fingerprint security log but regularly asks (every three days it seems) for a security number/password too.

Can we expect more Brexit-triggered demands like this I ask myself gloomily?

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Staycation at the moment but we will be heading to Normandy later in the month. :slight_smile:


I wonder why they want that? I had a HSBC account here for years before I became resident.

I doubt that the bank’s request for further ID / additional security measures has anything whatsoever to do with the UKs departure from the EU.
Banks all over the place (UK, France, USA) are having to put into place various new requirements in order to both improve security and comply with anti money laundering rules.
In the longer term I should think that it is far less hassle to just provide the details they ask for, having of course first verified the authenticity of the request.

I disagree.

Having had the account for nearly a decade I can see no other reason why they would suddenly demand a Titre de séjour. ID yes, but French nationals do not have a Titre de Séjour. Neither are EU citizens required to hold one. Third country nationals are.

Welcome to Brexshit related paperwork / hassle / general inconvenience and sheer bloody stupidity everyone.


But @cat don’t forget the blue passport - there you go all better now!

(Some people do seem to consider that a restricted blue passport is superior to a burgundy passport which allows you to live/work/retire throughout EU)


Well of course the Carte d’Identite which French nationals have brings with it right of residence, whereas a US passport for example, establishes identity but not residential rights. So when an account holder does not have a French national ID card it is probably a good idea to ask for a Titre de Sejour.
If it helps to flush out those of all nationalities who have been living here ‘under the radar’ without paying the proper taxes etc, then personally I’m in favour of such a move.

I have never had an issue in having an identity card in UK but apparently that is restricting our rights. I would be happy to carry a French version.

The particular irony being that they could have had a blue passport under EU rules anyway

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People living ‘under the radar’ don’t usually have a French bank account.

I know a couple of people who have French bank accounts for their ‘Maison Secondaire’ which is actually where they live for most of the year. They tell the UK authorities that they live in France, and the French authorities that they live in the UK, and then pay tax in neither country.

Brexit will surely sort such folk out…

At some point they will be asked for their CdS here in France… :wink: even if UK isn’t bothered about them…

We had a French Bank Account, opened when we bought the house… we were listed as “non-resident”… when we moved over permanently, the bank simply changed our designation…

Edit… now I come to think about it… our UK Address appeared on the cheques and the statement… until we were full time… or am I dreaming… it was a long time ago…

and you’re comfortable with that? :thinking:

I’m sure that there are quite a few like that.

Up to now no-one has cared very much, after 1-1-21 they are ultimately going to find it impossible to fly under the radar.

@Graham_Lees No, not at all, and they have been so advised. They have also been advised that they might find it awfully expensive were the authorities to discover what they are doing.
I pay my taxes, and I reckon that they should pay theirs. At the end of the day, if they don’t mend their ways, then yes, I will write the relevant letter.

Bet you have lots of friends :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree with Robert, everyone should pay their dues and if clearly just avoiding, should be notified to the relevant authorities.


Quite a few, but not people who engage in the criminal act of wilful tax evasion.
Tax avoidance is lawful, but evasion is not, and let’s not forget that every Pound or Euro evaded is another that has to be paid by someone else.

By the way. The link you gave just comes up as ‘Server not found’.

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