Potatoes varieties

I’m finding it difficult to buy flowery main crop potatoes here (like King Edward, Estima, Pentland Dell or Pentland Squire potatoes), the only ones I can find seem to be Desiree or am I wrong?
There are lots and lots of excellent 1st and 2nd early waxy ones here, but wonder if anyone can recommend French or Dutch flowery main crop varieties? My local Magasin Vert has 30 varieties but no maincrop floury, which are better for certain (mash) dishes.
I would love to hear from serious vegetable gardeners…(so please no comments as to why can’t I just accept what is available here, as I don’t expect to get Brit varieties here!)

You should be able to find Bintje potatoes (maybe even in your local supermarket, chit them and then plant) they are a floury spud.

Or look out for Manon or Caesar.

We had the same thoughts on potato varieties. But back in Yorkshire on our allotment we grew Desiree very successfully. Gave them a try here in 86 Vienne, excellent crop, still using them and got 25kg to see us through. A great flowery potato for mash, fries, roasties and wedges etc I recommend getting the seed potatoes from your local garden centre. Bon courage

Desiree was our flowery one last year, and unfortunately Magasin Vert have a total monopoly here (22) for seeds (but not plants) other than Leclerc whose choice is v limited.

They can be bought on line

Just had two of last year’s crop of desirees as baked potatoes tonight. They are also good keepers.

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That’s interesting. We’ll explore the suggestions, I love flowery potatoes.

Here you are John,


Thanks Wozza.

ourya elcomewa :upside_down_face:

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I love Binjte too. They work for everything from mash, chips, gratin to fabulous roasties.
Izzy x