Pound still crashing

Morning All

Just been to have a look at the exchange rate and found the pound has fallen to 1.06 making a euro worth 93.7p

Feel so sorry for anybody trying to survive on UK pensions.

Can only see it getting worse.

Tin hats on guys and gals !


The only good thing that might come from a No Deal is that the euro will fall as well and that should sweeten the pill of the falling pound.

I wonder whether it will start to hit home as people who voted leave try to go on holiday.

Or I wonder whether there will be a retrospective adjustment and everyone will convince themselves that they always wanted to stay at home for their holidays. Staycation is best, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength…


Oh @anon88169868 - don’t be so negative you have to “Believe in Brexit” and the pound crashing is the fault of the Remoaner who didn’t believe hard enough and therefore guaranteed that was all going to be sh*t.

It it just a short 10-20 year dip but well worth it to be able to respect the overwhelming “Will of the People”.


Shouldn’t that be " respect the overwhelming “Will of just over half the People”." :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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He is being sarcastic @Anglozone :wink:


As was I … :laughing: no problem I shall add an emoji!

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Or maybe just over half of the people who were eligible to vote, knew what voting meant and what it entailed, understood this was a critical decision, and overcame the inertia that disinclined them, or the almost insuperable obstacles that hindered their access to the polling station… :joy:

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Cheers Tracey - you’ve not been with us that long and I just wondered if you appreciated Mat’s sense of humour… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grinning::upside_down_face:

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I’m getting there, thanks Stella.
I have caught up by reading lots of threads today - mindboggling! :exploding_head:


Or, for the moment, bliss.

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Couldn’t agree more , I did not move to France to hear the not so dulcit tones of English spoken.
In France do as the French do and speak french… Ps I do understand that when in a couple it easier and natural to speak english with each other.
Easy for me to say because my partner for 10 yrs was French. (he never spoke in English) apart from something which is probably unprintable here!

Oh, go on… you know you want to really :wink:

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@Stella - I don’t think you are believing hard enough also.

I think we should all perform a little mindfulness yogic chant which will inevitably help the financial position.

Very slowly and quietly at first chant, then louder and faster “Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris…”
The 2nd verse is “Nigel, Nigel, Nigel…”
The 3rd verse is “WTO, WTO, WTO…”

Remember to chant on every outward breath.

Now doesn’t that feel better - I can picture the pound leaving against the Euro back to the 1.425 mark of November 2015…see it all just takes belief.

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You’ve got the last letter wrong for the third verse, should be an F, not an O


I do, but it will probably get me suspended! So va faire fo**re. ( joking) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Love the fact we can be honest and open here, without offending others of course. x

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You can always blur it out to preserve your modesty :laughing:

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2 letters? It is not countdown, which BTW is French originally and so much better than the English version, although I did think Richard Whiteley did a fantastic job.

How do I blur? still la newbie. :smile:

type the left square bracket [ then the word spoiler and the right hand square bracket ] before the text you want to blur then repeat the process but after and type [the forward slash /.
So it would look like this [ spoiler] your text [/spoiler] (remove the extra space before the first word “spoiler” - I just put it in to show you the structure)
it then looks like this: your text and if you click on it, it shows what is written