Prescription for glasses after cataract surgery and lazer surgery

I have a prescription from my Eye Doctor who performed Cataract Surgery and Lazer Surgery as I have double vision and one from a Well known high street Opticians in the UK. Both are completely different - who is right and who is wrong, I am baffled. Any advice as to where I go next… If, I have another test in France will I be eligible as it will be under a year since my last French test. and lazer surgery. I am struggling with my French lenses but have not bought lenses from the Optician in the UK as I receive no assistance.

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Sounds like the French prescription might be a bit out, but as you haven’t had UK glasses made, difficult to know exactly who is right (or wrong)(ish). If you are unhappy with the French eye doctor’s prescription, then go back, or maybe via your MT first

Forgive the ignorance - what is MT you mention?

Thank you


Where were you operated on? You shouldn’t have double vision, surely - go back and see the surgeon and have your prescription properly explained, that should come under normal follow-up care.

I have recently undergone implant surgery for a cataract problem here in France. Yesterday, after 6 weeks, l had an examination and full eye test with my Opthalmo who gave me a prescription for bifocal lenses. This was the third examination since the operation and the care has been wonderful. I wouldn’t dream of having my eyes tested by a High Street Chain now and see no reason to do that after the professional care l have received from my Surgeon.

His Ordnance (prescription) is what l will rely on to have my new spectacles made - if, by any chance, they are not perfect l will be back to see him like a shot.

My advice, Rosemary, is to seek an appointment as an urgent case with your Surgeon here in France as soon as possible to examine your sight and ascertain whether the procedures you underwent need augmentation - Hope everything works out well for you.


MT is médecin traitant or GP in English.

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YES I do, I have prisms added to my prescription to retrain my eyes. As for the surgeon - he hardly says anything - I am on a conveyor belt - and try and ask questions but he does not have time to explain anything, He does speak English. There must be another Eye clinic in Brittany that I can have a full examination not rushed through - downside is have no transport. to get there,

Thank you - I am seeing my MT on Friday. If, I can get an urgent consultation with the surgeon will need my friend to come with me to listen to what he has to say - chances are slim as he has a huge number of patients!
. If, the truth be known I would like to see an independant eye surgeon - out if my area if I possibly can.

It sounds like you have lost confidence in your surgeon but he is the best person to ask initially. It’s probably best to discuss your concerns with your MT and see what they can suggest.

Best of luck to you.

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Thank you. I have lost faith as he rushes you through - you don’t have time to blink!!!

I appreciate your support and everyone that has come back to me.

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who made up the glasses? I would go back to wherever you obtained the glasses and explain that you have double vision. They will then check the lenses against your French prescription and check your eyes as well.

It is quite possible that a mistake has been made - maybe in the prescription, but quite likely in the makeup of the lenses.

I had this happen to me once. I struggled for a few days and then finally admitted defeat and returned to the optician. I was seeing double and it was because they had forgotten to include a prism or something which was needed to bring my eyes into line.

It could be as simple as that, in your case too.

Got to be worth investigating. If they check your eyes and find the Prescription is wrong - they can advise/help with that.

good luck

what alarms me is that the two prescriptions are totally different - that is alarming,

I will be back after speaking to my MT and take it from there. So watch this space.

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Absolutely Dan
Have been in a similar position to you twice - as each eye was operated on with a significant gap in between here in France (Limoges CHU).
The surgeon wanted to see some stability before writing an ordinance (in spite of me willing her to do it sooner) and I now believe that was the correct way to go.
I would pit my fully qualified eye surgeon against a high street operative any day of the week either here or the UK. The surgeon has no monetary gain in her medical judgement and is entirely independent - as it should be.


How long ago was the operation? Why did you go to two different people in two different countries? Did the high street optician understand the procedure you underwent?

Maybe that has something to do with it - perhaps the prescription from the surgeon is an interim one, in any case that is the person you really need to get information from, he is the one who operated on you and knows what results he should be getting.

If your lenses aren’t doing their job they need to be sorted out, go and see the surgeon and insist he explain properly. He isn’t going to throw you out.

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This happened to Vanessa too (in the UK).
The prescription was correct but the lenses were incorrectly made up. The opticians (a high street chain) redid the lenses and all was well after that. It wasn’t so much double vision but an imbalance caused by the incorrect application of the prism.

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Prisms can make or break… at one point I thought I was going mad… thankfully didn’t take long to get it sorted.

Frankly, anyone who has glasses made-up and has a problem, should go straight back to where the glasses came from. First thing is to check that they have, indeed, been made correctly. :thinking:

After that… well, it depends on one’s situation and eye-history.

I do hope you will forgive me but I amended your heading as all capitals in bold type was doing my eyes significance harm :wink:

I have to agree, there shouldn’t be double vision. I had both my cataracts done within a week, and now have 20/20 distance vision but need readers. But there should not be double vision

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Sorry! I now have a referral letter but transport is not easy for me and have no one in the commune that can assist me. I have contacted the Royal British Legion (ex WRAF) to see if they can assist ie finding a Eye surgeon who speaks English and understands English. Nearest CHU is Rennes - 90 mins on the bus but I have to go to Loudeac by taxi to catch it!!! I have a Mutuel etc and last year I increased my Health Insurance but until I see one or make contact with a Doctor to who can give me the price of a consultation it is very worrying. Why did I have an English consultation - because the Dr over here whizzed me in and out very quickly and never had a chance to ask any questions so I wondered how accurate my new prescription was compared to a UK High Street Optician. 6 months later lazer treatment for Double Vision - again everything in haste.

Why not go to your Mairie and ask to speak to the Assistante Sociale? He/she may be able to give advice on your transport options…

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