Prescription glasses in France from 10 euros - ready in ten minutes!

The problem in France is finding an “eye doctor” - especially in the boonies.

If you live in a large-town it is far easier. Last time I asked for a prescription out in the boonies where I live, it took a month and a half of waiting-time to finally get it done.

Moreover, after a certain age, your eyes don’t change much. The old prescription, if it works for you, is good enough. I have even sent a pair of glasses over the internet - instead of seeing a doctor for a new prescription - and the new pair work just fine (like the previous pair).

Of course, that might not have the same result for everyone …

@Cat, where please are the frames and also the lenses manufactured?

Sorry no idea!

Bah! Just paid €800. And my Mutuelle is goingto reimburse me toi the tune of …€20!!!


Presumably you only took out minimal cover for glasses then… :wink:

Have a chat with @fabien @Shirley_Mitchell

Hi Shirley, 20€ would be for a cover 100% or ‘TM’ (Ticket modérateur) which is close to 0€ indeed… Usually you have a grid in your policy displaying the refunds you’d get in regard to the correction rate needed. If less than 50€ that means there were no grid at all in your policy probably so you’re in the minimum range which is 100% of the social security scale.

To be noted, if you are unhappy with your current policy you have up to the 31st of October to change it (as in most cases the auto renewal date is the 1st of January). Happy to have a look if you’d like :wink:


Thank you Catherine and James grateful for this information


I am 3 hours from Toulouse. It’s too far for me so I wondered if it is possible to deal with these people on line?

@Olivia_Caldecott … why don’t you contact them as ask the question… ??? :eyeglasses:

That is good news. Just as an aside for those who may be on low income supplement. If you ask your optician there is always a cheap drawer with frames that are inexpensive and when I got glasses for both my girls they not only liked the cheap frames but also the cost for the lenses was completely reimboursed. If I recall the whole experience cost 60 euros for 2 pairs. You do have to have the costs seen by your mutuelle before they will grant permision for the glasses to be made, but it only took a week for us.


General Optique in Perigeuex are brilliant. I have tried most opticians and they are definitely the cheapest. If you can go on line Spex4less U.K. offer an on line service at a fraction of French opticians costs. I have also tried them and they are very good. They can also make varifocals and if not satisfied there is a no quibble money back guarantee!

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Hello All,

I expect you already know but glasses that are really made in France are
actually made in the Jura department…brands such as ILike for example
are cheaper. The so named Made in Italy are often just assembled there only
(Chanel, Dior).
It is good to know that you can pay in up to ten installments (you just
need to ask…they might require a cheque as a bond) and this means you can
get something nice.
However, it is true the world over that many opticiens have no scruples
when it comes to getting the corrective lenses right!
There’s the odd very scrupulous opticien I know in the Paris suburbs if
that’s useful for anyone. Just pm me.
Best wishes,
Anna (been wearing specs since I was very small)

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Many thanks Cat, visiting Paris tomorrow with my SNCF carte senior - will pay for my lunch!


Being nowhere near the cities mentioned, I will second the recommendation for “Generale d’Optique” – really good service and prices, I found.

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Hi Cat, thanks for passing on the information about Lunettes Pour Tous. I visited the Paris shop on Wednesday and am delighted with the service. In fact I need ‘progressif’ lenses (varifocals) which will take about a week to produce - however the cost for me including very snazzy red frames is only 45 euros. Amazing and the service including free eye test took up less than half an hour so plenty of time for lunch! Now I’m looking forward to my return visit to collect them…


Wow thank you for that. I have one grumpy husband on the subject of his glasses. We are going to be in Toulouse and Bordeaux during the next few weeks. So it’s a frogmarch methinks to one of the said stores.


While visiting my OH who was working in Irun one weekend, I popped in to an optician & asked if I could have my eyes tested. The receptionist looked in the diary & informed me that it could not be done until 12.15! This was at 11.10 on a Saturday. I then took my pescription to Vision Plus (Leclerc Barbezieux) who made me 3 pairs of glasses, one of which eas a pair of sunglasses, for 38 euros each. Tookk them 2 days, though!

If you need “graded bifocals” (different focal distances - far, near, close) don’t expect your glasses in “ten minutes”.

It’s just a marketing ploy to get you into the shop.

Wakey, wakey … !

That may well be the case but it is still an extremely speedy service for the vast majority of customers.

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