Prescription glasses in France from 10 euros - ready in ten minutes!

Being nowhere near the cities mentioned, I will second the recommendation for “Generale d’Optique” – really good service and prices, I found.

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Hi Cat, thanks for passing on the information about Lunettes Pour Tous. I visited the Paris shop on Wednesday and am delighted with the service. In fact I need ‘progressif’ lenses (varifocals) which will take about a week to produce - however the cost for me including very snazzy red frames is only 45 euros. Amazing and the service including free eye test took up less than half an hour so plenty of time for lunch! Now I’m looking forward to my return visit to collect them…


Wow thank you for that. I have one grumpy husband on the subject of his glasses. We are going to be in Toulouse and Bordeaux during the next few weeks. So it’s a frogmarch methinks to one of the said stores.


While visiting my OH who was working in Irun one weekend, I popped in to an optician & asked if I could have my eyes tested. The receptionist looked in the diary & informed me that it could not be done until 12.15! This was at 11.10 on a Saturday. I then took my pescription to Vision Plus (Leclerc Barbezieux) who made me 3 pairs of glasses, one of which eas a pair of sunglasses, for 38 euros each. Tookk them 2 days, though!

If you need “graded bifocals” (different focal distances - far, near, close) don’t expect your glasses in “ten minutes”.

It’s just a marketing ploy to get you into the shop.

Wakey, wakey … !

That may well be the case but it is still an extremely speedy service for the vast majority of customers.

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​Well, that “vast majority” is not so, uh … vast.

From here: > LENS SALES

When asked to rank lens design by popularity, single vision was ranked number one by over half (52 percent) of retailers. Progressive (including short corridor) was ranked number one by 42 percent

Are you due some new glasses?..that survey is 10 years old😉

Les Opticiens Mutualistes. My specs cost me under 20 €, I got a free pair of prescription sunglasses and they were ready in a week (people whose prescription is less weird can probably get them quicker).
Ophtalmo every two years though, someone said upthread eyes don’t change yada yada but sometimes they do.

A lot of people including French have the impression that if your mutual says glasses are reimbursed at 100%, then you get back 100%. Problem is, its 100% of what the state reimbursed. Basically, if the state reimbursed 20€ then 20€ is what your mutual will reimburse.

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And so?

Pray tell, what has happened in ten years to change those numbers?

>Ophtalmo every two years though, someone said upthread eyes don’t change yada yada but sometimes they do.

How long does it take you generally to get an appointment with ab ophthalmologist? It takes me 3 months here in the boonies where I live.

Makes one wonder where the mutual is in “Mutuelle”. ;^)

Many of them aren’t stricto sensu mutuelles at all even though we the general public lazily refer to them as such.

If I need an urgentnappointment with my ophtalmo I could be seen straight away, as it is my bog-standard check-up is booked for the next time when I go, so every 18 months.

There is in France today a very hot topic of political importance and healthcare significance. It is called in French “Le dessert medicale” - and no it has nothing to do with dessert at meal-time.

It refers to the phenomenon that in some places in France - notably in the countryside - the ratio of patients to doctors has doubled and even tripled. The prevalent reason being that doctors also retire like we do, which has created the problem.

Here in the Gers I had to wait eight weeks to see a urologue last year. The newer generation all want to work on the Cote d’Azur!

So, France is trying to solve problem by hiring doctors from eastern Europe.

Now you know why your doctor may have that strange accent in French!

Le desert médical is a problem anywhere in the world that there is low population density - in the UK it is much more of a problem in Scotland (outside the central belt) than in England, for instance.

Of course not - progressif lenses take a little longer! I went to Lunettes Pour Tous in Paris, full eye test, chose smart red frames and ready in less than a week all for 45 euros. Great service, goodbye to £195 specs in UK…

You bought progressive lense glasses for 45 euros?

Their average cost (according to this web-site) is between 150 and 380 euros per lens!

Here is an on-line site for glasses (French origin): But they will ask you for an “ordonnance” (prescription) from an opthamologist! Same word in French. So, provided that you have seen an opthamologist and need corrective lenses, just send in the prescription - payment is, of course, on-line.

In fact, I sent my old glasses that were just fine, and they copied the lenses and sent me the new glasses. All for an exceptionally lower price than a local eye-glasses specialist in town.

No, I am not recommending that you bypass a formal opthamologist visit.

And, finally, this site that shows the results from “QueChoisr” (French equivalent to “Which!”) regarding an investigation of on-line purveyors of glasses in France. Note that “Happyview” does not get the best result.

So, all one need do is compare prices - Internet and Main Street …

Then take no notice of websites except Or visit their
stores in Paris 1er, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille or Lille.
Bon shopping!


Hello. I looked at and I can’t see that they deliver. Am I right?