Prescription glasses in France from 10 euros - ready in ten minutes!

I wasn’t really looking for a continuing conversation re. hearing aids and was simply answering a question asked earlier in this thread. However it provoked the responses which needed answering in this one. I’m not looking to continue this but I don’t think answering the questions asked here by putting them in a different thread would have been very useful.
I agree with your comment re. the price when taken over 4 years and hopefully they will last longer than that.

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Some of us just don’t have the cash though, Flocreen

She left them hanging over the edge… and certainly the wrong way round… :rofl:

she can’t adjust them, nor replace the batteries… hopeless…

I’ll have the free bog standard 'cos I have duff hands too… a trumpet I can just about manage…

Battery ones are far too fiddly! I have rechargeable ones too. Probably more expensive though, although the price ranges seem to be continually changing.

Most places do credit

Moray it was just for information.

It might be worth changing mutuelle if you know you are going to need one. I have just checked my cover and we get 100% of the state refund, plus 400€ per ear plus another 100€ per ear if we go to a Previfrance approved outlet.

Agreed, I checked with our mutuelle Aviva and was told that the new pay nothing scheme that came in this year will apply. I think the key is to get an ordinance from your doctor and not just turn up at a shop expecting the scheme to cover you.
As it happens I had a RDV with my doc yesterday and he confirmed that an ordinance was required which I now have so next step is to book an audioligist.
The scheme only covers a certain range of aids and no doubt a retailer will suggest that for a few dollars more this or that one will be much better but for me I would rather have 80% improvement for nothing rather than 100% for what could turn out to be a lot of money.


The following explains

Its going to depend on what your hearing loss is .Nobody is saying don’t have the free ones . Simple aids are fine ,but like all hearing aids they are just that aids. Its the many different sound situationss that you find yourself in where better aids really do help.

If you understand written French most “directions” are suitably simple.

So, if one does not - then do ask a neighbor … ?

You have misunderstood, I am talking about a French neighbour who had had everything explained in the shop, but sadly had not heard it… :roll_eyes:
and the small piece of paper… mmm… even I had difficulty seeing the print it was so tiny.

Hello, apologies have not read the whole thread but I have a question. Does lunettes avec monture progressif mean bi-focal?

I went and had my eyes tested at a cabinet de télémédicine. I thought I had asked for two different sets of glasses, but just now got the one prescription through via Doctolib

@cat would you still recommend

Lunettes avec verres progressifs are specs with bifocal lenses. The monture is the frame (you can make a witty quip to your ophtalmo about qui veut aller loin ménage sa monture, ho ho ho).

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I have lunettes bifocal, which are glasses with two distinct zones. OH has lunettes progressifs where the focal length is graded across the lens.

Not the same thing! Progressif lens make me nauseous, bifocals don’t.

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The one prescription should have both distant and close measurements on it, so your optician can provide both reading and distance glasses, or a pair of bifocals, or a pair of varifocal glasses

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Thank you! Good to know.

As far as I know they are still great but there are now a couple of other similar outfits around.

And my last pair came via the mutuelle shop , Previfrance. Ridiculously expensive (880€ I seem to recall) but all reimbursed bar 20€ and they fit perfectly.

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Oh sorry, I thought they were all gradual now, I didn’t realise they still made those 2 in one lenses. Yes of course you are right :slightly_smiling_face: