Pretty fall (Autumn) photos anyone?

(Meghann Robbe) #21

Absolutely breathtaking!!!

(Helen Wright) #22

I love all the trees that form the boundary to my wilderness but I have got a soft spot for this oneā€¦x :slight_smile:

(Meghann Robbe) #23


(David Martin) #24

Weā€™ve got no autumn colours like those around here. Not much green grass either.

(David Martin) #25

It sounds more chicken and egg than that.

(Paul Flinders) #26

In fact I also found a few sites suggesting that both were in use before the 16th century but that fall had become prevalent just about the time the early pioneers were travelling to the new world, only for autumn to return to being the preferred term in British English.

Almost as if American English picked up a fad/fashion and stuck with it where as British usage changed afterwards.

(David Martin) #27

Thereā€™s no reason to believe that that far back there was even common usage throughout Britain. That fall came first makes sense as itā€™s a pretty good way to describe the time of year. Even now my neighbour often recommends me to carry out certain garden jobs after the leaves have fallen.

(Helen Wright) #28

I have about a dozen of these sprung up suddenly under my walnut treeā€¦the first photo was taken Saturday morning by flashlightā€¦trying to decide if they are edible or notā€¦??? Either way I think they deserve a mention hereā€¦x :slight_smile:

(Mark Robbins) #29

Parasol mushrooms, apparently they are edible , but please donā€™t without asking someone who knows a lot more than I do

(David Martin) #30

Iā€™ve taken lots of photos recently but few seem autumny of even fally because the trees are still so green. These two probably fit the bill.

(stella wood) #31

I love to see the fields when they have been ā€œcombedā€ā€¦ wonderful

(Helen Wright) #32

Thatā€™s what Iā€™m thinking too Markā€¦parasol mushroomsā€¦I watched several videos and read through a couple of edible mushroom sites and these do have the ā€œwhite ringā€ moveable up and down the stalkā€¦In U.K. as kids we would stay every summer on a relatives farm and go out with their Border Collies every morning picking field mushrooms and sometimes puff ballsā€¦frying them in milk and butterā€¦heavenā€¦x :slight_smile:

In England puffballs and field mushrooms were probably the only two we instantly came to recogniseā€¦here I feel a little at a lossā€¦ my gut instinct is that they are edible and thatā€™s why I posted the photo taken from underneathā€¦I think by tomorrow morning they will likely be bigger than my handā€¦

And yet Iā€™m cautiousā€¦Iā€™ll maybe try asking my elderly neighbours and offer them a couple if they turn out edibleā€¦??? x :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #33

check with the Pharmacistā€¦ they are trained in this field :thinking::joy:

(Helen Wright) #34

Lolā€¦I think I might feel as though Iā€™m wasting their valuable time Stellaā€¦that they might have more important issues to deal with than whether my dozen admittedly pretty fungi are edible or notā€¦Iā€™m not gonna starve if I canā€™t eat themā€¦just donā€™t want to waste them if I canā€¦x :smiley:

(stella wood) #35

Helenā€¦ thousands of people poison themselves and/or others every yearā€¦ which is why the Pharmacists are trained in fungi identificationā€¦ it is a serious matter.

Prevention is much better than the alternativesā€¦:open_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Meghann Robbe) #36

I love these photos!:mushroom:

(Ann Coe) #37

I was amazed to find some field mushrooms in my garden (edible) especially as the dire lack of rain means that there isnā€™t any grass left!
Will have to dust my camera off and see what else nature is offering up !

(David Martin) #38

I mowed my grass yesterday, the first time since June, and chopped up a huge number of mushrooms.

(Helen Wright) #39

Feeling more and more confident they are edible parasol mushroomsā€¦x :slight_smile:

(Meghann Robbe) #40

I make Acorn wreaths if anyone is interestedā€¦ ā‚¬25