Problems exchanging Uk driving licence

(Tony Dix) #61

Just a sheet of paper - an attastation !
Looks good enough for the police

(stella wood) #62

I’ve never seen a Temporary one…:open_mouth:

(David Martin) #63

Normally when exchanging a U.K. license for a French one, once the paperwork has been approved, they ask you to send your UK licence to them before they will issue you the French one. At the same time you receive the paper temporary license.Once the licence office receives the exchanged UK licence they are usually quick to issue the new French one.

(Caz Jeffs) #64

My husband applied for his last November…still waiting!

(Susan Edwards) #65

Same here Caz - both me and my husband still waiting for even an acknowledgement!. (Can’t even remember how long ago we send off the paperwork by post. Around the end of last year I am guessing - Toulouse office.) Husband is thinking of sending his application off a 2nd time. I think i will just wait. (Will cost us for more passport photos! Grr.)

(Susan Edwards) #66

Some good news to report!

After 10 mnths (and no acknowledgement throughout, so we were wondering if we should re-apply as must have gone missing) we have received a temporary paper each which will allow us to post off your UK plastic licences and get a French one back in return.

Just letting you know for info, for any others on here wanting to know how long it takes to get a response … those living in 31 at least!

I have been asked if I wish to retain my C & D categories, and if so I will need to get/provide them with a medical report. Husband seemingly doesn’t have C&D. (Not sure how I got them then!) Think I won’t bother to keep them. (I’ll just go for a swap now, without a medical.)

Another odd thing, husband’s place of birth was a (nice town) UK one, while he was born in another country altogether! So someone might have his foreign place of birth then? (We will let them know of course!)

(David Martin) #67

It will be the same for all departments because they are all processed in Nantes now.

(Tony Dix) #68

After almost 10 Months my wife retrieved her driving licence this morning.
We had an email telling us it was being prepared and sent recorded delivery 2 weeks ago, which also gave us an email address ( and also a phone number ( vous pouvez contacter l’ANTS au : 34 00 , de 7h45 a 20h00 du lundi au vendredi et de 8h00 à 17h00 le samedi (Coût : 0,06 € / min + prix appel)