Proud to be British

If this isn’t bringing a tear to your eyes… Amazing ceremony

Well done Britain from another very, very proud to be British National. ps I'm also very proud of what France's athletes have achieved too - particularly in the swimming events where they have excelled.

Thanks Jane for pointing it out, but I had seen the mistake but it was too late to edit it! One problem with typing quicker than you think!!!! Just proves that I don't scan through before I click on 'add reply'. Probably feelings of guilt on my part as I should really be doing many more important tasks than following the SFN posts - oh well!

Gosh - I was unaware I was knocking anything.

Like I said though - to be proud that I was born on British soil seems a redundant emotion. I did nothing. I haven't trained half my life to win a medal either - those athletes did. However, as I say, I am extremely grateful to be British - and enormously pleased for the entire team GB.

I am a quarter Spanish though - am I supposed to feel more 'proud' of my 75% British blood than my 25% Spanish blood? I'm 48, by the way, not that that makes a difference to anything. The idea that I know better than anyone younger than me or less than older generations, or that my ideas are any more or less valid is a bit foolish

By the way Angela - the phrase is 'Hear, hear' - as in 'Hear him, hear him' - originating in the Houses of Parliament because applause is not allowed.

Here here Shirley, very proud to be British. We've done a magnificent job from all aspects of the 2012 games.

Why French? Because Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern era's Olympic Games. Like for Fencing (escrime) where all words are in French. Olympic games' official language is French.

Perhaps Sandy, but over 50 years since Beatlemania perhaps he might just drop the singing...

I think James Watt got a very large slice of the exposure "cake" throughout the industrial revolution phase of the fantastic ceremony, Prince of Wales in attendance etc?? Agree time to "call time" on P McC doing live shows.

Lol. 'Like'

I can actually visualize this (unfortunately) - Bond going into a diner to meet the Big Baddy, gets ambushed, someone thumps the jukebox and Bonnie Tyler starts belting out 'I need a hero' as Regina Diamante strides through the door waving a sceptre and saves Bond's British bacon by clonking the bad guys over the heads with it.

Blimey she could become famous! Oh, she already is...

Try this link Judith, should take you to You Tube and show you the latest uploads of this video before they are removed

It is no longer available for copyright reasons... Look again and you will see.

Tried to play but it said this video is private. Am a member of SFN so any ideas? Thanks.

Actually it would be Mona Key wouldn't it.

Rula Nation

Real Bond-ing here: Liz Ard!

Oh how did I know you two would both come up with something funny. How about Mona Ark or Donna Crown.

the openning Ceremony was impressive but i would say that it was more for "Team England" than for "Team GB"? Apart from the bits with HRH and Daniel Craig and the teams marching into the stadium.Very disappointing from a standpoint that viewers from all over the world were watching and maybe would have liked more representation of Scotland Ireland and Wales. As for Paul McCartneys he could sing when I was a little girl. I am far from being a little girl and he is far from being a singer.

good point Jane.There is definitely a need for clarity with nationalism, and I like the use of gratitude for being born into a particular society, but perhaps the older generation can use pride more legitimately as a term more often because they have so many more memories of their own contributions over the decades? I'm certainly proud of the work I put in to making Britain what is was represented as last night.

Yes, very pleased to be British today it was an absoloutely wonderful ceremony. I was very impressed by the humour, the stylishness and the awesome technical spectacle. Especially loved the focus on music ,history, multicultural britain, working people's struggles in industrialisation & war, youth & the NHS. Serious, entertaining and challenging. I especially Loved the kettles, the bike doves,the queen& bond,rowan atkinson, arctic monkeys,the dancing, the house, giants, the drums,fireworks.Even loved the clouds.

I'm not one for nationalism, generally, in fact I don't think it's healthy to focus on it as much as people often do, but this was definitely my kind of Britishness. 27 million viewers and apparently cost 27 million pounds. Worth a quid of my money any day.

I worked as a recycling manager at music festivals for 15 years and I really wished I'd had had the job of organising the clear up overnight. It must have been military.

The volunteers were the real stars.

I am very glad to have been given the images from last night as an antedote to the real troubles the olympics is facing, with it's highjack by commercial interests, the tax evasion, the ticket fiascos & heavy handed police tactics to protesters. I was also particularly impressed to discover all the nations have agreed to send some women athletes. Result!

Queenie... sounds a bit Albert Square rather than Bond though...

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