Puissance Fiscal?

Does anyone know or can take a (decent) guess at the puissance fiscal of a Saab 95 (year 2000). Basically need to know how much Carte Grise will cost on import if that's even possible after Saab's demise?

just got my COC and it is indeed 21. Off to Sous Prefecture again next week.

Ahh, the hood hydraulics. Well done on a great and cost effective solution. I first started noticing fluid on the passenger seat of mine a couple of years ago and took the car to my local Merc (Rip Off) garage. I even had to convince them that the clamps were hydraulic. Had the unit replaced at I price I don't want to recall and a couple of weeks later noticed dripping from the drivers side as well. Another trip to Mercville and a ruined pair of slacks. I wouldn't mind but they have the grumpiest receptionist I've ever met. Being fleeced and insulted simultaneously is hard to take.

You're right, in my youth I rebuilt my own and some friends car engines and gearboxes for fun and I'm always trawling the net and do use it for reference but I guess over the years I've become lazy. Though I did replace the wipers on the Morgan this week, and there's three of them! ;-)

You just can't win! Probably worth doing Internet searches on anything to do with the SL. Removing headlights is dead easy - just take off a bit of trim and release a big 'Bulldog' clip under the bonnet and they just slide out. The lenses are held in with plastic 'snap over' clips. Keep an eye on the hydraulics for the hood. Mine started leaking and dripping oil from the top corner of the windscreen on to the passenger seat. Quote here in France was substantially over a thousand Euros. Found a place in USA which refurbishes hydraulics for high end cars. They sent replacement actuators plus a special tool for 420 dollars, then when I sent the old ones and the tool back, they refunded about 200! My local garage fitted then for 40 Euros.

There you go Dave, I think that's probably what I bought but not at the great price you did and then there was fitting in the local Merc rip off garage. Another load of cash I've wasted :-)

Hello John,

I have a RHD merc sl (w129) which I imported a few months back. You don't need new headlights, just new lenses at about 250 Euros a pair (online). Then you simply turn the bulb holders round to their second position in each lamp. Mine were in perfect alignment after doing this with no adjustment needed.

I've been through that too Peter with a 2000 RHD Merc SL that I bought from new and just couldn't come to part with at the time. The light conversion cost me the guts of a grand and I had to have it undone when I sold it in the UK several years later. Interestingly, I registered her with a failed CT, you don't need to pass, you just need to have done one.

Hi James,

In Aug 2007 I imported from UK a 2001 SAAB 9.5 2.3 petrol estate 185 BHP.

In Jan 2008 I registered it in France at a cost of €390. (As it was under 10 years old this was the full price)

The headlights cost €787.33 to convert to brand new LHD units. Today I would search on line in Europe for second hand units and have them fitted in UK just before you import it. You will need to do this before you put it in for a control technique (MOT), which certificate you will need to register it. (MOT's are only every 2 years in France)

I have a scanned copy of my conformity certificate in English I can send you if you send me your email address. (Mine was discovered under the spare wheel - might be worth a look!)

There is an address for SAAB on the certificate which may still be OK to contact the Chinese owned plant in Sweden.

Sorry I couldn't see any way of attaching it to this blog.

Regards & Good Luck


Cant reply directly to you Mark - but you are of course right - it's just I'm a little sore after coughing up a fortune this month in impots.

You are absolutely correct that we will no longer have to pay road tax in the UK so it totally makes it cheaper being here.

The CT was cheaper, the insurance was about the same, breakdown was cheaper too. I wonder why I get to 15 then...will wait for the CoC to come and recalculate.

I'm with you though Mark - it is better here and yes I do feel very protective over my wallet at the moment...

Hi Suzanne,

The D2 number suggests that you are registering a BMW 540i, 4.4 litre auto.

According to http://www.lacentrale.fr/fiche-technique-auto.php. the car has a puissance fiscal of 21 cv, not 15.

But are you really getting fleeced? If the car is post 2001 you would have to pay £390 (546 euros) every single year in the UK! Nobody minded then but when it becomes just a one-off payment here some people suddenly become tightwads! Which system would you prefer?

Back to the whiteboard, Miss Vorderman!

Wow, Carol Vorderman, the thinking mans crumpet .......

Boo hoo hoo - crying into my hankie just thinking about the cheques I had to write out last week.

its good to try and work out what I'm about to get fleeced for...if only I'd known the formulae for building permits...I would have avoided paying so many taxes this November...

Blimey Suzanne, Carol Vorderman got nothing one you :)

I think I've worked out the cost anyway...

Pa = (CO2/45) + (P/40)^1.6
avec Pa = puissance administrative (chevaux-vapeur), arrondie à l'entier le plus proche
CO2 = Rejet de CO2 en cycle normalisé
et P = puissance en kW (1 cheval DIN = 0.736 kW).

So CO2 I think is V7 on the UK V5 doc - in my case 295g/km

P = P2 on UK V5 I think so that's 210

which gives me:

Pa = 295/45 + 210/40 x 1.6

Pa = 6.55 + 8.4

Pa = 14.95 so I think the car is Group 15 cv = which in my dept is 660 euro + 4 euro texe gestion.

The car is over 10 years old so should only have to pay 330 + 4euro. I hope!


It took 2 attempts last time for my car as it had to be in my maiden name (which none of my official UK documents are in since being married) so they sent me away to return with my marriage certificate so they could put the carte grise in my maiden name. I did go prepared this time with my laptop to work whilst waiting in the queue.

Sounds as if you got someone who does just not want to help!

One of the real frustrations, I have been told by another person

they experienced the same in another prefecture, went back on another day

and saw a different person...all done no problem !

Hi - so I went to sous prefecture in Beziers - D2 is filled out Type - Variant DN61, Version 01 and K is complete too E1*98/14*0028*16 but Madame says I still need the certificate of conformity.

Oh and a Procuration (Mandat pour effectuer les demarches d'immatriculation) because I'm trying to register my husbands car.

Also need a copy of his driving licence. So Friday was as successful as I imagined. I thought she would ask for the CoC (even though the CT man said I don't need it) but was surprised I needed the Procuration...another bit of paper.

In the meantime my insurer Credit Agricole is chasing to make sure I am re-registering it. They wanted a letter to say I'm in the process but Madame said 'Non' and scribbled in red pen on my Demande D'immatriculation then very authoritatively stapled all the pages together.

Could you let me know how much it will cost please? Non- vous avez pas le certificate de conformite. J'attends ca.

Ok - so off I went after an hour and a half queuing...I shall return another day, at least I know what I need this time as I would never have guessed I needed a Procuration.

I phoned BMW in England,gave them the details and the coc came by return of post free of charge! I also contacted BMW France and they sent me a free one as well.Also for our Mini.

Exactly. I’ve imported five cars here, some new and some of which I’d already owned abroad, two VWs, one Merc, one Peugeot and a Morgan. One each from Germany, Italy and Ireland and two from the UK, one from London and one from Belfast. The language of the CoC was never an issue because each piece of information on it has a number and each number has a local language definition. So in effect they are multilingual or rather language neutral.