Quitas fiscale

I know the answer may be in a previous topic but do i need a quitas fiscale when importing an 8 year old car that I bought 4 years ago? If so is there somewhere I can go to scan and email my forms to Periguex as we don’t have that facility at home yet? e.g. a library.

You will need a Quitus Fiscal to import your car. I don’t understand your question about the forms to Periguex, the registration is done online through ANTS.


You need the original Bill, the V5, proof you where you live in France (Tax Bill etc) your passport (to prove you are the person on the V5 etc)… and they will ask for the current mileage. (yes, the ask for kilometrage, but simply say *** miles and they will mark that clearly, no problem).

This link explains how to go about it… and if you go into your “own space” you should be able to find out where your nearest office is… that you need to visit, and they will issue you with the Quitus Fiscal…

Sorry not to be clear. I read that to get a quitus fiscale I have to email my documents to Periguex who will then send one. Is there another way to get one?

Teresa… whereabouts are you… you will need to visit your local SIE Tax /Duanes (or whatever they are called…

Le certificat fiscal (modèle 1993-PART pour les personnes non identifiées à la TVA et 1993-PRO pour les personnes identifiées à la TVA) doit être demandé auprès du service des impôts des entreprises (SIE) de votre domicile dans un délai de 15 jours suivant la livraison du véhicule.

Vous pouvez trouver les coordonnées de ce service dans la rubrique « Contact » de ce site.

Near Brantôme. Do I take copies of my documents or the originals please?
Is that the same as the tax office for foncières? I know where that one is.

Teresa… It’s the NONTRON office where you would (probably) have made your Tax Declaration… in the heart of Nontron… big open square, near the Mairie…

Take all original docs with you.

They will take copies and give the origs back to you. You will be asked to sign a form on which all the info appears… then they will give you the Quitus Fiscale. (don’t forget to tell them the mileage). You will have nothing to pay… yippee

I sent some other folk in that direction just before Christmas… and all went well… except that the opening hours are incorrect… so perhaps a phone call before you go… mentioning “Quitus Fiscale” to the receptionist.


Edited to remove the telephone number which only goes to automated voice which talks about personal taxation choices… press this, press that… then cuts out completely.

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I have always had to visit the appropriate tax office, I’ve never filled in a form, just signed the paperwork produced. The first time my local tax office was the one to use but I’d now have to go to the tax office in the same town as the prefecture.

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Just to complicate matters further. The car is in my name and I arrived on the 13th, but my husband and car arrived on 31st December. He has been waiting for me , as the owner, to register the car. Will this pose any problems?

Just be advised that some larger offices no longer provide a “while you wait” service. Take the originals AND photocopies in case you have to leave your application at the desk. You will be notified when your QF is ready for collection.

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Teresa… it will be no problem at all… :hugs:

but You will have to go to Nontron… with
The Bill of Sale… showing you are the purchaser
V5 in your name (unless it was bought from a garage)
Your Passport
Document to show your name and address… (what have you got??)

(Soon, you can Register the car, with both your names on the Carte Grise… but that step has to wait until you have the Quitus Fiscal…)

Excellent advice… Teresa… do that, just in case…

(thankfully, unless someone has sprayed Nontron with Growmore… it should still be a small place… :wink:)

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The utility bills are in my husbands name but he will go with me with his passport and our marriage certificate. I think my name is on the tax foncières and habitation.
Many thanks for all your help.

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sounds like you are doing just what I did 20 years ago… went to Nontron armed with a huge file (belt and braces)… :grinning: They were so helpful, especially as my French then was 'naff.

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Please keep us updated… with how you get on…

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Will do. We’re getting up early tomorrow as we think it’s better to arrive early and more likely to be open on a Friday.

When the car was actually brought into the country is unlikely to be mentioned. I did experience a situation once where the people in front of me were refused a QF because not only was the V5 not in their name but they had bought if from another person who had brought it to France who was not the last registered owner. They will want to see a paper trail to the previous registered owner. In your case although your husband brought it to France it was for you the registered owner.


At the very least, you will find out where the Office is and they should display opening hours…etc

and there are some nice cafes and shops in Nontron… pretty little town…so it need not be a wasted journey… :hugs:

(I’m just hoping they are still doing the QF… things keep changing, so darned quickly)

Phew, having got nowhere telephoning Nontron… the automatic voice says nothing particularly helpful… anyway, I have phoned the Big Boys (Finance) in Nontron (helpful lady said… “it’s not us” which I knew, ) but she assures me that Quitus Fiscale is dealt with at Place Alfred Agaard, Nontron… but only in the mornings…8.30am - noon

@Teresaship… good luck… speak with the Receptionist, just inside the front door and she/he will direct you to the correct office… it may have moved upstairs… but the Receptionist will explain… and if you do not understand, have no fear, just ask him/her to repeat slowly…


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Just going through our paperwork and the leasing company have addressed the sales invoice to my husband only even though as requested by us they sent my details to the DVLA.
We have all of our car tax reminders since purchasing the car which are all in my name.
Hopefully with our marriage certificate we shouldn’t have a problem. As my husband says a car could be a gift so not necessarily the same name as the owner.