Quitting Smoking?

This is the other thread… about e-cigarettes…

Going ‘cold turkey’ does work if you’re mentally strong enough.

I went cold turkey… but know many who cannot, could not.

I wonder if the best idea might be to identify “why” one smokes… removing the “why” (if possible) to negate the need for nicotine…

Probably everyone has a different “why”…

Me too.
I had the added incentive of wanting to get pregnant, and I just stopped.
I smoked about ten a day.
Horrifying to think of it now.

We have an on-going battle with our youngest son (aged 22) to give up, it’s not just his health we’re concerned about it but at 8 euros a packet the weekly cost is insane.

I went ‘cold turkey’ with cigarettes two and a half years ago in the same way that I went ‘cold turkey’ with alcohol nearly twenty three years ago.