Quittus Fiscale - online application problem- solved

I am in need of help.

I’m trying to obtain a quittus fiscale for my UK car, bought second-hand in 2011.
This can only be done online during the Covid lockdown.

I have gone to the web page where the form is available for online submission: link to Impots.Gov form

I can manage the first box as I’m pretty sure about my name. However, the second box asks for a telephone number (mobile by preference). However I enter my number, the form rejects it with a message in English: “The input value is invalid”.
I have tried entering my (French) mobile or landline number in several ways: one string, in pairs of digits, with and without the leading zero - all are rejected.

Could someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks for reading!

That’s weird, it doesn’t work for me either and I’ve tried every combination
Sorry I’m no help

Thanks - at least it’s not just me!

I just tried it without issue using the following format: 0033nnnnnnnnn (assuming a French mobile number otherwise 0044 for UK)
after the 0033 (or 0044) discount the first zero in your number (so for example 06 is just 6) then continue with the other pairs.

Althoough not a valid number, the entry I made here didn’t error when progressing to the next field in the form.

Graham - many thanks.
I just entered my number as 00336xxxxxxxx and it was rejected with “The input value is invalid”.
I tried adding spaces between pairs and was then told that the string was too long. I even tried typing in your test number of 003311111111 which was also rejected (although it seems to me to be one digit too short - shouldn’t it have 9 digits after the 0033 rather than 8?)
I’m now even more baffled.


OK just tried again with 9 digits after 0033 and it still works -

I haven’t entered any other information on the form.
I did also put my real number in on the form to try it out but replaced the numbers after for the purposes of providing an example number to work from. There was no issue with my real number.
1993-PART-D-SD is the number of the form I am using from your link.

Thanks again, Graham.
That’s very odd as it definitely doesn’t work for me. I’ll try it from a different pc and internet connection in case that makes a difference (although I can’t see why it should).

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I’m using FF on Linux. Your link opens a pdf

Bizarre. I’ve used Chrome and Firefox on Wi10Pro and Linux machines as well as Safari on Mac (Catalina). None will allow me to enter a phone number.
I’ve now saved the PDF on my machine and completed it in Acrobat. Interestingly, it reformated my number to the format
I went back to the online version and entered it thus ( and it accepted it very happily.

Thanks for the suggestions and moral support!

However, I now have another question…

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This downloaded version simply requires the numbers - no 0033, no dots or dashes.
1993-part-d_3078.pdf (176.5 KB)

Thanks - using the ‘dot method’ I was able to submit the form online so all I have to do is wait :slightly_smiling_face:

The way I did it: print out form, fill in by hand, scan through. QF in 72 hours. In Dinan.

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I’ve put the outcome here… so the trials… and the result can be seen

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I went and collected one from the Impots office in Nontron and then sent the completed document by email to the address provided - result was that the whole process was sorted in the same day and I received my Quitus fiscal. This was in October.

With the QF now safely received, I’d like to say thank you to all for the help and words of encouragement!


Hi Brian,
I sorted my car out through ‘Carte Grise Café Caen’
They were very helpfull and it didn’t take too long (about 3 weeks. That was a couple of years ago)

Thanks Ron,
If I run into difficulties with ANTS I’ll seek them out! At the moment, I’m waiting for my certificate of conformity. As the manufacturer of my car no longer exists it’s taking a few weeks… And costing quite a lot :scream:

[quote=“Brian_House, post:17, topic:32536”]
no longer exists

Not a Gordon Keeble, is it? Only 99 made. Defo one of those if Lotto win.

I wish! No, I’m afraid it’s a Swedish Vauxhall aka Saab 9-3.

I do have a Lotus 11 replica that has had me scratching my head regarding registration though :blush: