Quitus Fiscale - car purchased second-hand in UK

I wish to register my car in France. It is a Saab, made in 2008 and I purchased it in the UK in 2011 from a private seller before my move to France. I have the receipt from that transaction but it was a non-vatable transaction so no VAT amount is shown on the receipt.

I now need to obtain a quitus fiscale and have 3 questions.

The form to obtain the qf is (I believe) 1993-PART-D-SD. Please correct me if I’m wrong!
You can see the form here.

Question 1
In box 3C, is the kilométrage requested that when I bought the car, when I imported it to France or something else?

Question 2
It asks in box 4A for " Montant de l’acquisition (dans la monnaie du pays d’acquisition) - and in 4B for “Montant converti en euros si la monnaie du pays d’acquisition est différente de l’euro”.
Does this refer to the price I paid in 2011 or the original purchase price?

Question 3
Box 4C then asks for the amount of TVA to pay - this being the amount shown in 4B x 20%. I understood that as long as the vehicle had been purchased legitimately in an EU country then no further VAT/TVA was payable. Am I correct? If so (or, indeed, if I’m wrong) , what should I enter in box 4C?

I’d be very grateful for any advice - thanks for reading.


I fairly recently imported my car from the UK
I answered as follows:
3C - The mileage when I bought the vehicle into France
4A - The price I paid for the vehicle - the form should convert it for you if you put GBP in the ‘Monnaie’ field
4C - The form should calculate it for you (Should be 0,00 - assuming the vehicle is more than six months old or has exceeded 6000 kms)

Good luck - the lovely lady at the Riberac tax office declared she had never seen the form before :slight_smile:

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Hi Brian. My understanding is that there should be no VAT on the vehicle you describe (because its more than 6 months old). I also believe that the online form automatically determines how many days old the car is and automatically assigns a 0 to the amount of VAT required.

From your other post (smiles) you seem to be having problems with this online form. Can’t really help except to agree that the VAT should be 0. You need an expert (hint Mark Rimmer)

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Peter and Noel - many thanks!
That’s very valuable info. If it were the UK I’d just busk it and argue about my errors later.

Although my French is reasonably good, I don’t think it’s up to conducting a discussion about car registration errors and winning!

By the way, the problem with the online form phone number is now solved. It turns out you need to insert a full stop between each of the pairs of digits. Silly of me not to have known, really…

Thanks again,

I had to send all the docs and scanned forms by emails when I did mine, due to Covid. You may have to do the same

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Thanks - I think you’re right, Paddy.
The website says that email is the only way to do it at the moment: la demande de quitus fiscal se fait uniquement par courriel.

Last time I had to do it I went to my local office where they helped with the tricky bits! Not possible these days though :slight_smile: