Random Image Posting

If you want to share your images with the group and would like some honest critique (positive or otherwise!), post them here, if they don’t fit into one of the other categories.

Nice one Tony.

Cracking shots Neil. How the hell did they do that?

Spiderman has put on a bit of weight

It’s so cold in Madrid that they knit the bollards woolly jumpers

Floating voter?

I have some great memories and indeed photos of the Grand Prix Historique at Pau. Loved it

Couldn't seem to write anything when I posted the photo. Anyhow, my attempt at doing a tilt-shift. Cahors evening shot.

Tony, click on the photo icon, second from the left.

How do I post photos to this thread? By using the '+ADD' tab at the top, or the 'Reply to this' tab just above where I'm typing?

Tony (Mr Thicky!)


I'm partial to the Triumph, if only cuz I used to own one... :)


Hoopoes... never even heard of them, so had to go look them up! They are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see if you get them!

Pau Historic grand prix last weekend.

I've tried many times to get a shot of our resident hawk but without success so well done. At the moment I'm hoping to get a pic of one of a pair of Hoopoes who are nesting nearby.

Yes, I can understand that.

Going back is rarely an option, as the experiences while living away will have changed you, and the "old crowd" is expecting the "same old" person to come back.

I will not live back in Holland either, and other than our children, there is nothing tying us to the UK (if I discount the fact that my DH is English.. .LOL!)

I came from Yateley as a child then had a house with my family in Sandhurst near Camberley. Been here 10 yrs now and wouldn't go back.

I took this on Sunday, just a few days ago. The day had started out bright, but during the afternoon cloud developed and eventually drizzle came along. This narrowboat provided a nice splash of colour!

Whereabouts did you live? I live in Tilehurst (well, for the next 7 weeks, after that it's Brittany for me!)

Mapledurham is lovely. I used to live about 15 miles away from Reading. When was this taken, recently?


Thanks! :) yes, just my 70-300mm lens, which has done me proud on many occasions.. :)

Fantastic! With a standard lens! Of curse, you are right with having luck, still patience and moving really slow is much more important. And it seems the bird was not afraid because you kept "cool".