Random Image Posting

This is completely random and I don't normally post photos of my children but as they are older now I have to post this one because of the sheer joy I see in it every time I look. This was taken in 2005 (Nikon D70) on the beach at Presque Île de Giens, Hyères. Great place for children, very safe.

Very well thanks, and you?

Just found this place so here's one from me. :) Ile d'Oléron, Charente Maritime

Hi James,

How are you ?

Je connais ton travail LOL.

I quite like the twilight colouring it gives...

Cahors by night, not good quality, taken from my other page ;) I'll put a better one up later.

Thanks! She stayed for about 50 minutes and was not at all worried about me furtively taking pics, so I got wayyyyy too many shots! LOL!

Super shot Gerda, nice camera ;)

Well, I'll jump in here with a photograph that was as much luck as anything else. Luck as in that the sparrowhawk landed in my garden and was not bothered about me crawling out of the patio doors so I could get a view without double glazing inbetween, and I have not had any time to do any editing, so this is straight out of camera (Nikon D90), and she was about 12ft/4m away from me, devouring her freshly caught pigeon dinner...

Sunny Nogaro last weekend with the Brits coming 1st and 3rd in the Mini Classic. Commentary in English as well.

I know what you mean Ian, I think this one was taken by holding the shutter button on bulb. I now have a remote which helps a great deal. I have learned also to use the shutter delay mode which compensates for any vibration from the mirror.

Thanks for the advice guys....much appreciated.

I agree with Stuart, the focal point in the image is the vanising point of the road formed by the tunnel of the bare trees trunks, the branchs above take up too much of the image for me. Even cropping it from around halway down would I think improve it.

Nice picture!

I think I did, yes. It takes as long as the exposure time again once the shutter closes. As for the exposure times, yes, I guess, but my problem was that it was getting dark fairly quickly so it was soon too late.

I have since bought a remote shutter release (for only 10 euros), so I should be able to take these shots without the slight shake caused by touching the camera. Time to try again. :-)

Did you have the ND filter(s) on Ian? It could have done with an even longer exposure to get the lovely green on the rocks to stand out.

It's a nice photo. I would have tried from a lower point of view. Try to vary things by not shhoting from eye level? Just an idea.

A quiet tree-lined road at St. Andre de Sangonis (Herault 34)…Any suggestions as to how I could have made this a better shot?

Before I got my NEX 5R I had always wanted to be able to do things like this.

I spent a while trying out different exposure times to get this. It was 13 seconds, 200 ASA, f3.5. There was a lot of snow melt water that day, and I got lucky.

Great shots Stuart- You've inspired me to have a go!

I've just invested in a Canon 580ex ii Speedlite for my Canon 60D. I've never used a decent flash before and have always defaulted to the pop-up. There's a lot of techie knowledge to get my head round but the results seem to be worth the effort.

...sorry daft question- but how do you regulate the drips?

Kind regards