Raves are a bit has-been now ... no?

Cool in the late 80´s and 90´s….but really quite cråp now.

Omg, not at all as I understand it from the various DJs I work with, after 20 odd quiet years raves are back in a big way and Gen Z are loving them. I think there’s a mix of ones for those who were there in the 80s and 90s (I originally put ‘those who remember the ones in the 80s and 90s’, but no one who was there at the time that I’ve ever spoken to can remember a single thing about them :joy:) and a new generation discovering them for the first time.


What like….Steve Davis ?

Glastonbury is cool…some damp field in Indre listening to crap music is not cool.

How many people have died at Glastonbury ?

Already at this crappy has been show one is at death doors.

You are absolutely spot on! My 27 yr old has literally just left me a message about a techno rave she’s organising in Normandy this August.


“Certaines communes ont spontanément proposé de l’aide sur le plan sanitaire.”

Good luck with that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Not sure Glastonbury has ever been cool - maybe in the 1970s?


Glastonbury still has a certain magic… a school pal is asked to help out there, once in a while… and he thoroughly enjoys a trip down memory lane, meeting up with fellow professionals.

I beg to differ…

Raves notwithstanding, remember the old adage,

‘If you are old enough to remember talc-ing your legs to pull on skin tight leather pants, you’re too old to be wearing them to the rave now.’

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You must be great fun at parties.


This reminds me of that rave party in Indre…if you see the images being broadcasted you would get what I mean.

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To me raves are the sticky up bits along the sides of flat bed lorry platforms to stop stuff slipping off. There are musical things I remember and appreciate after the '50s and early '60s but not a lot. :rofl:

What does a handful of Disco Biscuits cost these days?

Asking for a friend, obviously.

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A tiny portion of a bitcoin as the kids buy their drugs on the darkweb these days.

Throughout the summer there are large, impromptu, gatherings of young and young’ish mainly alternative people up in the mountains. With music, stimulants of one sort and another and dancing,

So I guess they qualify as raves.


There’s been deaths at Glastonbury

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There’s deaths everywhere that illegal drugs are consumed because of the utter lack of quality control and the practice of using anything to hand as “filler” during their manufacture.

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The music festivals, like Glastonbury, have drug testing labs on site to minimise harm. Well they used to!

(Musoc festivals and raves are different things to me)

Glastonbury et al are organised festivals but raves , in the true sense, are more adhoc , often illegal, certainly not featured on Radio 2

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