Raves are a bit has-been now ... no?

Died in Andover.

Any young budding guitarist at the time wanted to play wild thing.

Anyway…back to the rave.

15 peeps in hospital.

5 people so far are in critical condition.

2 people have been bitten by snakes…lol

Given there are no toilets on site…where have they been bitten?

30,000 peeps needing a poo at some stage. Where do they poo ?

The whole area is surrounded by forests…and that must be a fire risk. Given I guess they all smoke… something.

Just might give this rave a miss.

When in a forest, make like a bear.

I bet half of them will have tick bites by the end of the weekend.

Many of them are walking around in shorts and are bare chested.

30.000 urban kids in a large field surrounded by forest is only going to end in tears.

Maybe it’s just a fashionable form of Darwinian selection?

I’ve lost the plot… what “Rave” are we talking about now… with so many dead… in a forest… somewhere… ???

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This one, no deaths though

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Just saw this article and it reminded me of this thread… Thought you’d be keen to hear the latest about this festival.


Yes…but he was also on telly saying who is going to pay for this. He was on French 3 a couple of days ago asking the question

Policing, medical assistance, and all the rest,