Recensement de la population 2023 - Update

At last after living in France for 15 years this year is going to be the first time we are to be included in the population census. Feels like we actually belong here now. We have been notified and now eagerly await the arrival of our access code to fill in our online form.


The first time we were included in the census, the local census officer came to the house with the form. Times have changed!

For a few years, we were gently questionned by the INSEE official person… then they chose a different bloc of Residents… they certainly weren’t contacting all of our commune.

Now, the whole commune has received notice from the Maire… that Everyone has to take part this year… (and I believe it’s National…) so will give a full picture of what’s what… and thus help (any) government future planning for the needs of the population…

For those who can… as from 19th January… there is the on-line link ( … for those who prefer paper… that too is available.

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Marvellous, isn’t it… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:
When I click onto the link… my computer pulls up the site ok… but tells me that the “connection to this site is not secure”… and that I shouldn’t give it any sensitive information… :thinking: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

EDIT: Having gone in for a 3rd time and ferreted about in the site-sub-sections… I notice there is now a “padlock” showing which means it’s now “secure”… hurrah… panic over !!

I managed to put the census code paperwork in the recycling bin last time. I finished up late at night going up the farm track and wheeling our bin back down and emptying it on the lounge floor to find the code. I found it. :grin: I’m glad I washed out our recycling stuff before I put it in the bin!


When does the code normally arrive? Not seen one so far… (Last time I filled in a form it was completely manual)

Anytime soon… have no fear, you won’t be forgotten… :crossed_fingers:
The census is “as from 19th January”… the official blurb is NOT saying that it must be done on that particular day… (not at all sure the internet could cope :wink: )

Good - that’s OK then. I got the letter telling us it would be happening but not anything since.

According to our letter… the “code confidentiel” which we’ll need in order to use the “online site” … will be delivered either into our letterbox… or handed over by the local “agent”.

The “online-site” opens on 19th January, but as a friend was yesterday describing 19th January as the day when “the French world stops working” (strike action)… if the code hasn’t arrived before that date… I doubt it will arrive until after that date… but no panic… there’s time.

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more than that… discussing this with our Maire at the annual get together last Sunday (15th) he indicated that it is important for another reason - some funds are allocated to communities based on the declared numbers from the census and to not participate could harm local projects and/or increase local precepts to fund them. Participation is therefore vital.


You are quite right… I was giving the shortened version…

It is Everyone’s civic duty to participate fully and truthfully in the Census…

You can still ask for a human to come to fill it in with you.

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Absolutely… the letter from our Maire asked as many as possible to use the on-line portal but he was very clear… paper forms are available to us and the INSEE agent will help anyone who needs it…

I’ve just found this reported in the Press … makes a very interesting read

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So considering that there are 4,318 communes in Nouvell-Aquitaine, the 900 would amount to fractionally over 20% of the region.

We have not received a letter/code. I just looked at the site and you can enter the name of your commune, which I did. The message came back… votre commune sera concernée en 2027 et chaque habitant sera recensé. So it seems that not everyone will be involved this time around.

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Yes, the figures are interestingly split.

The important thing is for those who are being included this year, to actually complete the Census…

Especially important for communes with less than 1000 which demands a response from everyone…
(For larger communes I believe they take a percentage (8%) of their population to get an idea…)
However, the smaller communes (less than 1000) rely on money which is related to number of residents/ages etc etc and if folk refuse to give their info, then the commune might well lose-out when Govt/whoever are dishing out funds or arranging school/housing/transport-projects etc …

Hi @Fleur - they have not changed that much around here !! In 2022 We had an official from the Maire office come round to the house and filled in the form there and then as we gave the answers !!!
Told us it was mandatory :thinking::fr:

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Our code arrived today, which was a bit of a relief! Now to try the website to see if I can get onto it. I’m hoping it’s not like the energy cheque website - after numerous attempts over several days it still won’t let me on :roll_eyes:

Same here, put it in the post instead :snail::snail: mail. Not got my census code yet though