Recensement de la population 2023 - Update

I’m so very glad it’s not just me, @Mark - looks like that’s what I’ll have to do!

Our census code was delivered by hand while we were out this morning… looks like they were sent out from the Mairie

Just to let folk know… I’ve messaged you… and we’ll work together on this…

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Thank you @stella!

For others’ information, we’ve found why I wasn’t getting through to the website - if I typed in what was on the letter “” then nothing loaded at all and I got a reset message. However, if I preceded it with https:// like in the link Stella sent me, it worked fine :roll_eyes:


Census code received Thursday, didn’t notice it in box as arrived by hand (postie always toots her horn when delivering).
Accessed Insee site yesterday evening, very quick and easy. Filled in the form which took about 20 minutes. Pressed sent and got an almost instant email reply thanking me for my participation.
All very slick, isnt internet technology brilliant, well done France.


What’s the “form” for maisons secondaires?

There was a general notice in my letter box the other day informing us of the census and I just checked to find the codes etc to fill out the form on line.

But, obviously, as a 2nd home owner I don’t actually need to fill in the details - were I French I’d be counted at my résidence principal as a foreigner not full time in France then there shouldn’t be too much interest in me from the point of view of a French population census.

Is there a “maison secondaire” box to tick?

We as permanent residents recieved a unique code to access the census site and when the form popped up to fill in it already had some of our basic details.
As you say it was a general notice in the letterbox so very much doubt your temporary presence will be of interest to the census people.
When filling in the form there is a section asking about time spent elsewhere/residence etc but agian only if you are actually a French resident.
I may be wrong but I doubt you will be asked to complete the census.

Well, I have the necessary access codes, not just the “general letter” and it does say “reply by Jan 23” - the Mairie should be at least vaguely aware we’re a maison secondaire.

I’ll look at the website later.

Ok, go for it.
It’s very quick and straightforward.

Yes, I’m hoping it’s *very* quick. :slight_smile:

Really, what I’m expecting is a box to tick which says it’s not a primary residence and that will be the end of the matter - but, with luck, I will still have the fact that I didn’t just ignore the request registered with the system.

À noter : La résidence où vous devez vous faire recenser est votre résidence principale. Si un agent recenseur vous contacte néanmoins dans votre résidence secondaire, vous n’avez pas à remplir de questionnaire, l’agent ne relèvera que quelques informations.

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Billy, when we received a census notice as second home owners, a year or two back, we emailed our Mairie and asked if they really wanted us to respond. The Mairie checked directly with the census organisation, and they checked internally. In the end they advised that our participation wouldn’t add much useful info to the data being gathered, but thanked us for checking.

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I’ve had a previous paper form (how often is the French census anyway?) which had a box to tick - I’m assuming the online thing will be the same. If not I’ll email the Mairie.

The census organisers explained to me that communes of less 10,000 are surveyed every 5 years, ie 20% of such communes are included in the sampling every year. Plus communes with populations larger than 10,000 are surveyed every year, selecting 8% of the inhabitants. Very different from the practice in some other countries of sweeping everyone up every 10 years…

We have not received a code in the post, this despite our commune seemingly being one of the ones on the list in Aquitaine for being censured (do I mean this?). Any suggestions anyone please?

Not got my code yet either… but we’ve not got an end date… I thought it ran until February something…

I can ask at my Mairie… but not before 23rd… if this year’s Census applies to 2nd homes…
Thinking about it… I was vaguely told it applied to Everyone this year… and it might well do so… as its results will be important to future funds/projects etc for the Commune…

ie 14 people reply as they are full-time… and the 70 secondhomes do not reply… thus the Census thinks there are only 14 people living in the commune… and needing facilities ???
but what seems to make sense isn’t always what happens… :wink:

@JaneJones does the bit you’ve mentioned have a link… ??? is it definitely for small communes… ie less than 1,000 inhabitants…???

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All they really need to know is that there are x second homes - which is collected through taxe d’habitation anyway. The census is to determine population, so must avoid double counting,

It’s the service-public info


Looks like the 23rd in my case is the date they assume that you won’t be doing it online and include you in the door to door survey.

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Thank you Jane - that makes it clearer.

Logged in and had a look. Having filled in the details of the type of house, superficie, heating etc (does heat pump go under “electricité” or “autre”? I presume the latter as one example is geothermie) I got to the “occupants” section, entering my details it then asks whether I live their permanently for the majority of the year - ticking “no” gives various options (student etc) one of which is “normally live elsewhere but are here temporarily at the time of the census”.

That seems to be the way to go - it then tells me that I don’t need to fill in my individual questionnaire.

I’m quite inclined just to hit “send” at that point.

Edit: Having clicked “Envoyer” the system pointed out that no one listed lived in the house permanently and would I like to correct the classification (if this question came up earlier I didn’t notice) - giving “residence secondaire” as an option (I’m not clear what the difference is between that and “lodgement occasionnel” which was the other option but I went for secondaire).

So, job done I reckon.

Maison secondaire is a permanent second home. Lodgement occasionnel would be rental for professional uses, for example a mon-fri rental where you go home on weekend. Could of course be a room in someone else’s permanent home.