Recipe needed

Not for me, asking for a friend …


What is your friend hoping to cook ??

LOL could it be Tête de Veau Stella ?? Just sayin… :wink:

I would grab the “cheeks” (delicious) and probably give the rest of the head to my neighbour.

I love stuffed-hearts… kidneys à la Stella … sweet/sour ribs… couenne de porc avec haricots blancs… shall I go on… ??? :hugs:

When I have the odd something to cook, I just google the question with the ingredients. It works very well.

Sharing a quiet moment with an old friend… I was amazed to hear him say that he always follows recipes from books/google or whatever. I have always been in awe of his skills, (he’s no spring-chicken and has been “feeding the five thousand” for nearly 40 years) and I am astounded that he never does a meal off-the-cuff… .

Some of my tastiest creations have been thrown together… :wink:

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Alas, I have no friends, I lied. :roll_eyes:

My diet consists of most things, not including frogs, snakes and a couple of other things.

I was reflecting on that I eat Cafls liver, meet ,… but I have difficulties eating the head. Fish heads are OK, but …

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My favourite cookbook over the years has been one by Delia Smith. Follow her recipes and you can’t go rong! I have a couple by Jamie Oliver and some Oriental ones. However, I really got into googling recipes when I had some chicken breasts, pastry and vine tomatoes. I googled this and was surprised and pleased to find his Five Ingredients-Quick and Easy Food series. The additional ingredients required were some pesto sauce and haricot beans, both of which I had. The subsequent meal for a group of friends went down very well and I have since repeated that recipe and others. My wife can ‘knock’ up a sauce quite easily, (her Chinese Five Spice crumble was something else She was looking for cinnamon, but failed to take account of the other spices in the mix!)but I need to see a recipe to make a sauce and I’ve been cooking for forty years too!

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I love cookery books… and can (and do) sit happily reading my way through, as if it were an Agatha Christie or whatever… Perhaps that is why I seem to know what will go with what… 'cos I’ve read it somewhere over the years. :thinking:

Google is wonderful, as you say… and I will sometimes check out what we have enjoyed in a restaurant… to figure out how to duplicate it at home… :hugs:

Some years back, we had the last pig-killing… at which I was the official photographer (:roll_eyes:)… and there was so little actually thrown away … the head got taken by one of the ladies, no idea what she did with it though…

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My Favorite chef is Madhur Jaffrey

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Personally, I would find the nearest bin

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Tete de feau with sauce gribiche.
Ragout of pigs kidneys and mushrooms with rice.

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If an animal has given its life, then we must make the most of that and use it to the best of our ability.



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This is old-hat… we’ve been through all these hoops on a previous thread …

We’re all different (thank heavens) and what is delicious to someone may not appeal to another… so what… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::rofl::joy::wink::hugs:

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Visions of an animal saying ‘I give you my life, eat me.’

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Disagree Stella - JW’s statement was utterly ridiculous. As you say - we’re all different with different opinions to express…or not :wink:

Apologies. I thought you were replying to her recipe… :roll_eyes::thinking:

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I think if you are going to kill a creature the least you can do is not waste it so that means eating the lot. Then using whatever you can’t eat as much as possible.
Which is pretty much what Jane said :relaxed: