Recommendations for interior paint brands?

Dear all

We are planning a couple of small paint jobs – a dried-out damp patch on the ceiling and a door that has been marked.

Our friendly handyman has advised a glycero paint. Since we don’t own a car we’re thinking of buying it from Amazon so it gets delivered. [And if it’s sold by Amazon delivery will be FoC!]

Any recommendations for paint brands? We haven’t bought any in France before now, and I seem to recall [but can’t seem to find] previous online discussions which were dismissive of some French brands on quality grounds…


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I recall seeing such posts Ken about so called inferior paints in France (to those from the UK).
I did manage to find this old thread which might be helpful:

IIRC French paint is specifically designed to cope with the French climate, heat and etc… it may “seem” inferior to what the English regard as quality standards when they were in the UK.

Since Ken wants the paint for indoor touch-ups, I’m not sure the quality of the paint would be that much of an issue. The French paints certainly seem to be made up differently but the main difference in my view is that they are a lot more expensive than the British ones.

I’m not sure whether Dulux as sold here is different from the formulae used in the UK but it seems to be ok as far as I can tell.

as @vero once commented, French workers are paid appropriately.

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I’m a big fan of Lidl when they have it in and also Action (apparently the 1 coat wall paint etc come from the same factory, not sure about the other types of paint).


Absolutely agree with that Graham! I was just saying that that is the main difference I have noticed…

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Our local professional decorator uses Tollens.

Have you tried phoning the paint shop closest to you and asking them if they would deliver? We’ve had great success locally this way as they want/need the business and often don’t live too far away so dropping a can of paint off is not too complicated.

Or places like Leroy Merlin deliver for not too much, or free at a point relay and if all you want is a can of paint then could probably carry it home with your baguette.


That’s worth knowing as it is about ¼ the price of some of the ‘quality’ brands. I’ll buy some next week and report back.

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I’ve been very pleased with it. Indeed on the ceilings I really only needed one coat - I did do 2 on the walls where you can get close up but if I’d undercoated or been painting over it would have been fine with one (as new plaster board and plaster).

The other one I’ve been very pleased with is Lidls bathroom / kitchen / humid room paint - very heard wearing and very washable!

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Angela I’ve used Dulux Valentine (FR) and am quite happy with it.

Aldi has recently had those interior paints in a couple of different weeks and I’m pretty sure they are Dulux. Also suspect Aldi and Lidl might use same suppliers a lot. Pricing is pretty much the same and a lot less than DIY shops

Have done well here 2-3 years running with exterior paints and stains at both Lidl and Aldi. For me Aldi edges it slightly on quality /more heavy duty available for DiY but Lidl offers a broader range in most types of DIY things.

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Hi Ken
You’ll probably struggle covering a damp stain successfully with water based paint alone,I’ve always used a oil based white undercoat on these stains first then paint over with emulsion when fully dry,no need for fancy stain blockers at 4 times the price

There’s a brilliant Zinsser product in UK for this but I haven’t managed to find it in France. Lots of products for this don’t seem to keep doing it for very long so your idea is probably a good one Colin

You can get it in France but it is enormously expensive. Zinsser BIN gets very good reviews.

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it was a well used practice painting nicotine stained ceilings in pubs before I had the sense to change trades

Interesting. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 is my go to primer / stain blocker.
Both are available via Amazon France.

…Just had a second look at Amazon - a 2.5 litre can of Bulls Eye is 101.78 euros!!!

Bloody hell, what’s it made from?

Distilled white truffle?

The white paint from Action is made in a factory near Duelmen, NRW. TOP CLASS PAINT!!! Environmentally sound as a bell, I should know, couple of friends work there.

Action paint is top. My friends work in yhe factory. Environmental impact 5*.

That is great to hear from someone else @Soggydoggy I’m thrilled with it, I just completed my new bedroom with it and it looks great!

I was less impressed with thier chalk paint but tbh I’ve little to compare it to as the only other stuff I’d used was home made! Don’t htink it is the same factory anyway for that.