Refrigerator or pantry ... and other places

Where do you keep your whole-grain mustard?

Wholegrain is kept out of the fridge. Smooth is kept in the fridge. Don’t ask me why, it just is :man_shrugging:

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Top shelf of fridge door, with the smooth. Lid firmly on.


The preservatives in most mustard (French, Wholegrain, Dijon and English) make it fine to keep it in a cupboard, although keeping it in the fridge may help to preserve its kick and punchiness for longer, two month shelf life once opened normally like tomato sauce.

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There’s a few things on the list that I’d put in the bin rather than keep in the fridge or a cupboard…

Mustard being one of them, pesto and piccalilli are two others :yum::laughing:

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Since the Great Mustard Famine of 2021 I now have mustard everywhere! Fridge, cupboards, larder…. All our friends from UK, Germany and Switzerland arrived that year with pots of mustard and we ended up with enough for next X years.


It wouldn’t normally last as long as that in our house :yum:

Just after the great Nutella riots.


In my pantry.

I like mustard in very small doses with beef, and pesto in small doses with pasta, but I definitely draw the line at picalilli !

Mustard and piccalilli definitely! Pesto is great with pasta, but otherwise not so much.

I grieve for the lack of taste shown by some colleaugues here :joy:

And we’ve yet to touch on horseradish or mint sauce, mint, rosemary and lavender jellies, pickles and chutneys, chop sauce, …

Maybe it’s a British taste?

Liking piccalilli, great with bubble and squeek and cold cuts on boxing day.

Japanese as well, wasabi.

I don’t like horseradish/wasabi or mint sauce, rosemary and most herbs I don’t mind, pickled onions and chutneys I like, but I really hate the smell of garlic cooking as it makes me want to :nauseated_face: and I’m not keen on the taste either.
Most condiments I don’t mind, I love HP Sauce, worcestershire sauce, not keen on tomato sauce and I’m funny about certain mayonnaise, but mustard is just a no :yum::laughing:
Mark will shudder, but I love Heinz salad cream :yum::scream::laughing:

Yikes !
Only Mango chutney, and occasional Branstons for OH.
Nothing wrong with tabasco, worcester sauce and rice vinegar though… to spice up sweet and sour stir frys.

I’m sure there’s a combination of nature & nurture, with some races/phenotypes liking acidic and strongly acrid flavours, while others not so much, and also there’s a training from a young age to acquire a liking for those flavours.

Not leaving out the gut microbiome which is in part genetically transferred from the mother to her children. Unless delivered through cesarien