Registering a car as voiture de collection

Hi,has anyone got any updates as to whether Norauto can arrange registering a car as “Voiture de collection”thanks

Hi Dave,

I cannot give you a definitive answer but I think it unlikely that Norauto provide this service.
I believe that there are agencies that do but personally, having always done my own, I can recommend the website which is fairly simple to navigate.

I just had a look on their website and I couldn’t find a CG service. They’re just a sort of Halfords really. There are companies that will organise a CG for you. But as Damien writes, if you’ve a smattering French (or a good translation App) then it’s pretty easy to do yourself. Though I’d disagree with Damien about the ANTS website - it was obviously designed by committee :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Stella who hangs out here is a good on classic cars.

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Do you have the necessary documents and simply need an “agency/agent/norauto” to do the Application for Carte Grise for you ??

or are you in need of the necessary documents, themselves… ???

What are the benefits of it?

At the moment I have no documents.The Car is originally a UK car that was registered in France many years ago.It is now 31 years old and is normally used when we visit France.It is not due for a new CT until May 2021 and I would like to Change it to “Collection” before the test.
So what is the first thing I need to do in the process?Thanks

Has the car been modified in any way… or is it still in its historic condition… ?

What are the benefits more then a black plate?

Car is as it left the factory

that’s a good start… unmodified will do nicely…

No Documents??? Mmm… do you mean you don’t even have the carte grise ??

Sorry misunderstanding.We have the certificat d immatriculation and a current control technique.But nothing with regard to Voiture historique

Fair enough… check the info on the links I have provided.

You will need to get FFVE Attestation that the car really is eligible… (which will take time, often delays in their system)…
and then move things on from there.

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Very grateful for your help


When you’re further along, getting things together … come back to us if you have any queries…

we’re a helpful bunch… and collection/classic cars are a wonderful topic for discussion :grinning: :grinning:

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Not that helpful

LoL :smiley:

I have recently bought myself a new toy. It needs a lot of work.

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Thats a great pick up do the tipping bed work?

it does work Martin but only manually until I fit a new motor. Thanks for the comment.

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After you Are done with the work you get your self a good sell price I have seen restored ones go for good money