Registering a car in the uk, and others, onto french plates

Friend got three quotes from three different companies all said that the car expensive Toyota hybrid must have lights that conform and would pass CT …and if not policy void in the case of a claim., not worth financial risk
I was lucky my Audi A6 has factory fitted option to switch to rhd which on second visit to CT was accepted as meeting requirements

The 307 may have, as well. I’ve seen a YT vid of a bloke pointing out a small lever down by the headlights. He wasn’t very clear about what it was for but if not for adjusting dip beam, what else? The 307 has a level adjuster thumb-wheel in the car - but Xenon bulbs are s’posed to have a flat beam anyway and make this all irrelevant.

I must ask, when it goes in tomorrow for a new bonnet release lever. Pathetic bit of plakky - broke away in my hand. Part 3,60€ Fitting 55€

The costs mount up when yr tools are 1500kms south.

There seems to be confusion on what’s aceptable…one “expert” told me factory fiitted lght switch n my Audi was for short tourist visits and no way pass a CT,
another said stick on surface deflectors ok, but the CT technician merely peeled them of my friend’s car, so he is taking deep breath and paying. Also fitting none standard lights will invalidate manf’ warranty as well as insurance refusal.

I am amazed at the the amount of complete bllcks some functionaries come up with!

The CT regulations are national & apply to all CT stations but do not allow for the lazy or incompetent. It is not difficult to understand, no long words used.

You may find that it is the insurance agent - the franchise owner or his staff - that are making up these rules based on what they have heard in a bar. I doubt they have enough knowledge to know whether the headlights conform or not.
I would ask the insurance agent where it states that a fully compliant, registered UK import needs to have its headlights certified before a CT is due.

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All I can say is that three separate agency’s using three different insurance companies said it was a requirement that the car had headlights that would meet a CT test. They did not require actual test but if it was subsequently found the lights did not meet this the insurance would be void and would not pay out. This would not void third party personal cover so main impact would no repair paid for either his car or any other damaged one. Their car is 6months old and cost c£30k so not worth the risk

John… I think there is a broad sweep of understanding/misunderstanding possibly going on…

I can well imagine a conversation along the lines of… “the lights must meet the CT requirements or you’ll be liable”…

but perhaps (obviously) no-one mentioned that there is more than one way of ensuring a UK RHD car does meet the CT requirements here in France…
and replacing lights due to misdirected beam, is not the only answer…

Re Peugeot CoC from France

Oh dear… that site seems to having problems… folk are not happy.

Mind you, it does warn of delays due to covid, but even so…

I wonder what they will make of my Nissan Elgrand’s headlights then, they have Xenon AFS headlights that have a flat beam but swivel left and right with the steering following the curve of a corner and change the shape the beam on the straights, should be fun :wink:

my car has similar intelligent LED lights and no issue

A lot of new cars have, but this is a 2005 personal Japanese import.

I think the headlights will be the least of your concerns.
If there is no EU equivalent model it will have to be certified by UTAC who might want glass, lights, seatbelts changed as well as emissions & power rating tests.
All doable over time but at a cost.

It will be going through DREAL.

Before or after UTAC?

This might help you. Although it refers to mostly american imports the process is similar for most non EU imports that do not have similar models sold here.

V5 arr today. Posted Tues - speedy! All u together with a UK address.

It has this image

Any use re CoC?

Peugeot UK are flat-out not doing CoC. Office closed due to the pox.

I was looking at France… and doing it on line…

I put up a query on Peugeot and got this

The wiring for the right hand side cluster runs across the back of the car anyway, So you will be able to trace and patch from the left side cluster.
Have you taken it for a CT yet, as a friend of mine has a RHD 307 that he brought from the UK 4 years ago and he has not had to change the lights, not even the headlights. They accepted the stick on beam deflectors.

There’s a difference in beams between halogen and xenon. Everywhere I look folk say RHD cars’ xenon beams don’t kick left on dipped beam.

The swap from RHD to LHD rear clusters is straightforward enough. Certified new pairs are +/- 100€. It’s just a question [hahaha!] of IDing the wire running from the reversing bulb and the fog bulb in the RHD units and running an extn across the car to pick up same on the other side, for the LHD units.

My auto-electronics pal talked me through how to ID the correct pin in each connection block. Then - snip!

I’ve ordered a soldering iron, solder, croc clips, heat-shrink… but not the clusters yet.

Time to visit the friendly local CT gang …

Just think. Every brain surgeon had, one day, to make his first incision …

Stickers of the right quality are acceptable, but it does depend on the CT provider.

When registering a car here in France a current (less than 5 months old) MOT is acceptale, well for the moment anyway.

Never had the problem of using stickers though as our BMWs all have manually switchable headlights

I know this already - I’m a garagiste!
I often check UK headlights & at times add stickers. I even make my own with aluminium foil.
The MOT needs to be less than 6 months old, though.