Removal of garden rubbish

We need some garden rubbish removed, but don’t have a clue where to find someone to do this!
Suggestions please :pray:

The ecological answer is surely to move it to an inconspicuous part of the plot and let it rot down naturally, to the benefit of many grateful life-forms who will work on (remove it) it for free?


Chop it up. Bag it and take it to the green bins at the local dechetterie. If you don’t have one, I strongly recommend you buy yourselves a remorque. It only took us 12 years! Now of course, we say why on earth didn’t we buy it years ago. So useful.


composting is the easiest way if you have space!


I strongly approve of getting a trailer and getting yourself up to the dechetterie.

I do also have a dark corner of a long-overgrown wooded terrace that gets grass trimmings, soil and leaves dumped on it when I don’t have a trailer’s worth.

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Not if it’s thick branches of laurel it isn’t!!! :grin: :grin:

Hi Sue

Firstly, what’s a remorque ?

Here in darkest Normandy, anything small ie grass cuttings, leaves twigs etc go into the compost pile with all the veg and kitchen bits. Rot down over 18 months and onto the veg patch.

Anything bigger branches, and other hedge cutting, go onto a pile, let it dry out then we burn it. Common practice here. Then ashes go onto the veg patch as well.


True, true!!! Thick stuff we tend to dry out and then cut up / break up into kindling for the winter (helps having teenage sons for this step :rofl: :joy: ).

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The French word for a trailer

Where are you?

But illegal. Bonfires are totally forbidden now.

We compost the small stuff. For the big stuff in our commune there is an area where we can dump green waste and then once a year the local waste company send a huge shredder, and we spend the day shredding as much as possible and take bags of shreddings home.


We bought a good garden shredder and started putting our garden trimmings through it about 2 years ago. We then piled up the shredded stuff. The shredder will cut up to 45mm thick branches with ease - it was bought from for approx 120 euros. Anything beyond 45mm we stack for the log burner.

For the first time ever we have stunning home made compost this year.


What is your shredder? We have bought two…a petrol and an electric one and both are totally useless, both around that price. They jam unless you put one perfectly straight branch in at a time, and produce very large lumps rather than shreddings. Would love to have one that worked, and was affordable.

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We have put so much stuff through it with success.


The pile contains a mixture of things including old decking, a lot of laurel etc. We had hoped to burn it all but the then the garden bonfires were stopped :woman_shrugging:
A trailer would be perfect, but have no where to really store it. The idea is to get it cleared then any future rubbish could be cut up, put into bags and taken to the dechet.
I will look into hiring one of those open back truck types.
Thanks for all your suggestions :hugs:

Or smile very sweetly at your neighbours…someone will have a trailer!


That looks interesting Mat.
Screwfix are not delivering to France at the moment {CV} :unamused:

He does, it is so small it would take all day back and forth to the dechet :sweat_smile:

Ok, so it takes all day. I made over forty trips to the dechetterie when I was clearing builders’ rubble. Did it bit by bit. Very satisfying when it was done. :grin:

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I can look into it, but I think our entry card only allows 12/13 times a year.
Not sure if his trailer could remove all our rubbish in 12/13 trips :thinking: :woman_shrugging: