Removal of the 15 limit on Registering to vote for British Elections

Removal of the 15 limit on Registering to vote for British Elections.

It is important that you take action - that many MPs attend – see below what to do

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP for The Cotswolds is tabling a 10-minute Bill with the above objective on Tuesday December 2nd 2.45 p.m. House of Commons. He will be supported by Sir Roger Gale and others.

In advance, on December 1st (room W1 House of Commons) there will be a press conference attended by Harry Shindler MBE, who expects to speak.

The House is normally fairly well attended on a Tuesday but we must try to assure that as many MPs are there as possible.

It would be a highly significant milestone if this presentation were to result in a change of law but it is also a necessary step in testing the opinion of MPs from all the major parties.

The 15 limit on voting for expatriates is a huge deterrent to registering to vote.

The fact that very few expats register to vote is a huge deterrent to politicians to pass a bill removing the limit -
A classic chicken and egg situation.

Yet it costs nothing in labour, commitment, money to remove it – why is it not done?

TAKE ACTION please to ensure a good attendance of MPs.

1. Select email addresses of your ex-constituency MP or some others from here

2. Send this message to him/her/them.

"On Tuesday December 2nd Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP for The Cotswolds is tabling a 10-minute Bill with the above objective on Tuesday December 2nd 2.45 p.m. House of Commons. He will be supported by Sir Roger Gale and others.

Please attend the House and support the removal of the 15 year limit on voting by British Citizens Abroad.

This limit is a massive deterrent to registration to vote.

The removal will send a message of goodwill to the citizens abroad from the British Parliament – and reassure the citizens abroad that they are valued."

Take action 2. Persuade Friends and Relatives in the UK to send this to their MPs.

The ten-minute rule Bills are one of the ways in which backbench MPs (private Members) can introduce legislation. However, the process is used more as a means of making a point on the need to change the law on a particular subject as there is little parliamentary time available. They mainly provide the opportunity for MPs to test Parliament's opinion on a particular subject.

The ten minute rule allows a brief introductory speech of no more than ten minutes and one of the same length opposing the motion to be made in the House of Commons after question time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the House is likely to be full. Not all Ten Minute Rule Bills are printed.

To register to vote go to..

John: I agree. I gave up on MPs from all parties answering anything except dismissively a long time ago.

Mike: Too sadly true.

Brian C. It is a bit more complicated than that. I have been married to a Norwegian and am now to a Swiss. In both cases we got married so that they could properly enter the health and social security system properly. Norway has a public health system but is relatively dependent on private top up. Switzerland has no real public health or social security system at all, what there is is for emergencies and extreme need. Then there is a bill to pay in most cases. It is all down to private health and employment insurance. Certainly in the latter case, until she had a job in the UK with a salary (by which time we were married so she was covered by my contributions) any cost incurred in the UK could have been demanded back had we ever gone to live in Switzerland. So, given that the Farage version is privatising health and the EFTA countries are his model, if that lot ever get a say in anything we had better all buy the best private insurance if we risk having more than the occasional cold. I have very carefully followed what they are saying and what the established parties are taking in on to appease the voters. It is shameless and could well leave people high and dry, no matter what short note from party HQ might say.

The sad truth is that a million peaceful protesters marching in the streets, makes no impression on UK government.
But one suicide bomber and they jump like scalded cats!
However I do not in any way advocate or approve such a course of action.

Quite so Brian, while i am not a UKIP supporter they did at least reply with a favorable comment the Labour MP ignored me the Conservative basically took the P and said tough you made your bed now lie on it, so who can we turn to.Should we all book a ferry and march on Whitehall

Reply to comment of John Alcock re UKIP

It is the EU regulations particularly EU reg 883/2004 on Social Security which bind the States of the EU to recognising the necessary health support to holders of the SI formula. There are no bilateral agreements with individual States on this -as far as I know - Ireland? perhaps . Similarly social security rights 'benefits' are related to the same regulations and not to any bilateral agreements. If the UK dropped out of the EU - then it would be necessary for the UK to go through a process of renegotiating these matters with the EU - In effect the kind of situation which Switzerland and Norway has. And they pay a considerable sum of money each year to the EU without any place in the debate - They have to obey the rules laid down by the EU.

John. That is an answer? It is contrary to Reckless's point of view whilst campaigning as well. I think we can say the 'jury is still out'.

Reply from the head office of UKIP

Dear Mr Alcock,

Thank you very much for your e-mail.

Withdrawal from the EU would have no effect on bilateral agreements in relation to health. We have no intention of reducing or removing any pension increase you are entitled to.

Once again thank you for going to the time to write to us and I attach some literature that I hope is of interest.

I have had a reply from UKIP would it be ok to post it on here or am i breaking rules

Exactly even Marine Le Pen would have nothing to do with this awful man!

Exactly, even marine Le 0

As reported by BBC. Would this be what you are referring to?

Farage defends deal with Polish MEP in EU grouping

24 October 2014 Last updated at 14:21 BST

UKIP's leader has defended a decision to take on a Polish MEP in its grouping in the European Union.

Nigel Farage said all parties have to make compromises and told Andrew Neil: "I accept it's a Brussels-type deal."

Thee have been concerns about the MEP's previous comments about domestic violence, while his leader's reported comments about women and Hitler have attracted controversy.

UKIP is part of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group in Brussels, where a Latvian MEP left last week, and a Polish MEP joined it this week.

Here on SFN a link was published to an article which revealed what he had been up to.

Don't knock stupid people. It would be very hard for anyone to become rich without them.....!

I'm not quite clear where you are coming from there?
Can you give us a link to more information about this, please?

In regard to the growth of the kippers; never underestimate the power of large groups of stupid people.![](upload://3IvEStKbHsl02UJkXpctw1uZRgQ.jpg)

They will never run the country, but they could upset the electoral balance. So the mainstream parties are running around saying, "Anything they can do, we can do better." Does holding on to their well paid jobs count for more than principles with our politicians? No prizes for working that one out!

The British public do not know of the deal he has made in Brussels, information is what is needed so that people know just what type of snake they are dealing with.

Jane, unfortunately not being in political office he does not officially make any deals and the fact that he is leading what is actually a nasty little nest of hornets with Carswell and Reckless, two MPs with no special track record who would sell their mothers and souls for sixpence, about to start tearing pieces out of each other. Reckless wants the party, Farage has it, so he has already called Farage out on something he said when Reckless said something else but Carswell appears to deliberately kept quiet. They will have some infighting soon and that will be entertaining. But anything to take to the ECJ. They have not done anything that could be taken anywhere let alone the ECJ, more's the pity.

If we want to live in a democracy we must take part and use all legal means, including the European Court of Justice and also exposing the type of deals that Farrage makes behind the back of the British people.

Indeed, Mike.

*nods wisely*