Renewing French driving licence

Most Mairies should have a computer available for folk who do not have the necessary equipment. Our Secretaire will also “do the stuff” for folk who do not have a clue.

Even so, she has been heard to utter the odd “suspect” word from time to time.

Trouble is our local internet connection is naff so one can be halfway through something important - and the whole thing freezes.

Ah well - such is life.

Very similar to your question, I have to renew my plastic licence next March, I don’t want the extra categories, do I need a medical, and how do I find out information about this? I am 70, I am presuming this was the reason that mine was last renewed for only 5 years, as the extra categories expired in 2017.

I am in this position now. When I changed my motor insurance I asked about the validity of the licence.
5 years and expired in July 2019. I was told the Cat B for cars is for life.
I am trying to get info now as its already out of date and if I need to apply for a renewal.
I found this on the ANTS website.
Attention ! Ne pas confondre la date de validité de votre titre et les validités de vos catégories. Cette information est disponible, pour chaque catégorie, au verso de votre titre. Ainsi, même si votre titre est valable seulement 5 ou 15 ans, votre catégorie B vous permettant de conduire une voiture reste valable à vie (sauf restriction individuelle).

sorry, forgot to say that the ins co said it was out of date. After being told by them it was ok to drive a car. Confused?

I wonder if the misunderstanding is the “it”… “it was out of date” - presumably this refers to the Permit itself … since, as you say, you have the right to categorie B -to drive a car for your lifetime (unless you get banned or whatever) :upside_down_face:

Yes, it ran out of the “Title date” in July !
My.insurers were going to use it as my ID to cancel a policy with another company. I am now on with the ANTS site, just been to have my photos done.

So hopefully will be ok.

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I had this situation where extra categories requiring a medical declaration were on the expiring license. I completed the application on line but did not have the medical declaration completed. After sending the application in a message was posted on the ants site asking if I wanted this category etc and if so to have the medical declaration completed. If I did not want them all I had to do was complete a note saying -" I do not want categories … whatever. I signed it scanned it in and sent it back. New license issued, no problem, just the categories I want.

Used the ANTS website. A little daunting at first
But ok. This was a renewal of a plastic card.
Good coms from them and I received it today.
Expiry date of 2034.
If you require it just to drive your car, tick the box NO MEDICAL… You have to have Photos taken. On the site it gives you locations of photo booths
That send your photos digitally to ANTS.
The cost of the photos, 5 euros. Card is free of charge.

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Colin how long did you wait for the renewed Licence? My partner sent his ANTS application quite a long time ago (months?) - he got a letter saying it had been received but no sign of the new licence.

Ian how long did you wait for the renewed Licence? My partner sent his ANTS application quite a long time ago (months?) - he got a letter saying it had been received but no sign of the new licence.

Hello Harriet, it took about 3+ weeks.Did your partner send photos?
I think there was something on the ANTS website where you could monitor progress. Worth a look?

Yes he did send photos. We will try the site to see if we can get any info. Thanks.

Thanks Ian - will do.

Yes, I believe so. The card said expiry date was July. I couldn’t get a definite answer from research so opted to renew.simple on the ANTS website. The only charge was for the photos.

Well I went on the ANTS site and found they were asking for a document we had already sent - Attestation de Herbergement, Turns out it has to e in a particular form of words which we had not noticed first time round. So the new attestation will go in today and hopefully the licence will arrive soon.

Hi Harriet, hopefully that will do it!
Good luck.

Sorry, I have only just seen this. I waited approx 2 weeks. My wife applied for hers and again it was issued in approx 2 weeks.

Has anyone actually resolved the problem of cancelling the unwanted categories requiring a medical certificate? Couldn’t find any way of notifying this on the application renewal. Have sent on-line enquiries, but no reply. And couldn’t reach anyone by telephone (it kept just re-directing me to the website). Getting frustrated, as it seems are many of you. Someone mentioned something to sign and return?? If you could point me in that direction would be eternally grateful!! Thanks.