Renewing French driving licence

Thank goodness, if my signature on those silly contraptions delivery people sometimes have, is anything to go by :crazy_face:

It’s a much bigger screen, which makes it easier. I seem to remember that it lets you have another go if you really mess up, but it was a while back and I may be wrong about that.

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Just a thought. Our neighbour already had a French plastic licence, so it was simply a renewal. If you are still using an English licence, I think the procedure is different. Details here -

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Thanks Mike, I have all the relevant forms scanned (sent via snail mail originally) it was just the digi photo that was puzzling me :thinking:

*pulling my hair out. I don’t think I am meant to have a french PC!
I was getting along nicely with my exchange application, when I was suddenly back at the first page! I tried again, but a message said ’ you already have an application in process and cannot apply for another’then another message to say there was a ‘hiccup’ during the process, sorry for any inconvenience. The ANTS site was very slow, could not find any ‘hiccup’ solver on the site.
Not sure where to go from here…can anybody please help?

Hi Lily,
Interesting. I had something similar when applying for our neighbour’s replacement.
Because they hadn’t told us that it was necessary to visit a special photo booth to get the required code, I had already started the application and by the time I got back it had timed out. But there is a way back in, though I can’t remember exactly how I did that.
Since it was their hiccup, they may have rolled back the system to a time before you started your application, in which case you should be able to start again. If your data is still there you will have to look for the way to continue from where you left off. It is possible, but it was a while ago and without actually sitting down with your computer I don’t think I can offer you detailed advice on how to do that.
Bonne chance!

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Have I read this properly, If I do not have a residence permit (maybe after October) I need to provide arrival date in France? Do they need my tax return?

Thank Mike, I have managed to progress (my data was saved) just puzzled why they need proof of arrival date.
If you are European but do not have a residence permit (including French requesting reinstatement of rights) please provide proof of the normal date of installation in France.
Am a bit stressed, am I reading this wrong? Is my passport acceptable?

Making sure 0 & O are correct :laughing:

Funny question. Unless someone has a better idea, I would suggest asking the Mairie for a note. They seem to be good at that sort of thing. I always go there when I want a life certificate signed.

Hi Mike,

I lost my permis de conduire and I’m trying to request a replacement via ANTS, online. I appreciated reading your instructions. The thing I’m having a bit of trouble with: finding a specially fitted out photo booth in which to have the signature and photo taken. You wouldn’t happen to know of anyone who’s used a photo booth like this, in the Charente, by any chance?

When I search for one near me via the ANTS geographic locator, within all of the Charente (16) it comes up with zero results. I thought this was kind of odd, to have no results. I’ll check other departments, but also wanted to check just in case perhaps the search result was mistaken…

I keep thinking that surely Angoulême would have one, at least?? Hmmmm. Thanks for considering my question. Cheers.

I must admit I gave up with the photo booths around here (having tried one several times when it took the money but didn’'t give me the code) and called in at a local photographer, who was all kitted up for the process. It cost me 12 euros and the code uploaded a dream. Money well spent in my view - perhaps something that you could consider to avoid traipsing around the Departement? Just a thought…


Thanks Angela. I’ve taken your advice, and I’m going to a local photographer authorized to do the signature photos for permis de conduire.


I’m sure you won’t regret it, Mary - I found it a stress-free way of accomplishing the task without costing the earth. Good luck!

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Hope this is a relevant to the thread.
Following the June deal UK licences don’t now need changing for French ones until the UK ones runs out (for settlers prior to 31.12.20) which when it is 10 years old or when the holder becomes 70. True?

However a UK licence states holder’s address so what happens if that property address is no longer valid (property sold or no longer rented)?
Whilst that might not negate the UK licence validity in France if the holder goes back to the UK the UK licence will not be valid as the address is wrong. A requirement is that a UK licence must have holders current address on it…and insurance cover requires a valid licence.
However to get an updated licence when an existing one expires the applicant must be a UK resident so whether or not another property was bought it would be a criminal offence to apply for a replacement licence to the new property.
The French authorities have said that a UK one cannot be exchanged for a French one until it has 6 months to run so potentially it means that a licence holder will not have a licence valid in the UK.
Similarly what happens if a uk licence is lost here and a replacement is needed, particularly if the UK property address on it is invalid as the holder has no longer connected to it, the DVLA will only send a replacement to the last address on file!

There must also be quite a few Brits who sold their property in the UK, moved across here expecting to exchange their licences but now can’t until the existing ones has just six months left.

This might seem convoluted but it does mean that if they drive in the UK, maybe on a visit, their UK licence is invalid (and thus insurance) and maybe all is well until a traffic offence is committed or an insurance claim made.

Just had a further thought, until a few years ago when moving here you could get uk licence changed for a French one so the fact that a UK address was no longer valid…(a UK property no longer owned) was not an issue when needing to drive when back in the UK…you had the French one.
However with ANTS not exchanging a UK without exceptional circumstances until is has less than six months to run means you could end up driving with an invalid UK license when there.
And it’s worse if you lose your UK one, as DVLA would only send a replacement to the last (old) address you won’t be able to show it here!
Anybody tried to get a replacement UK one 'cos they have lost it here?
Wonder if this has been though through?

The way around this is to set up a Royal Mail international redirection service.

Doesn’t always work though, gave up using them because of mail missed and not redirected when paid for. This was only local, so not international, but wouldn’t you say having given it 2 or 3 goes and failing to redirect quite a few things, would have tried enough.

IiRC also got very expensive and limited in time you could buy.

Some types of post also can’t be redirected.

Yes - my partner did at the beginning of this year. They sent it to the “old” address and we had a word with the current occupants who (bless them) sent it on to us. We refunded the postage of course!

Not true at all. Your UK licence is just as valid regardless of the address on it - you earned the right to drive by passing a test & that is not withdrawn just because you have not changed the address.
As a French resident your UK licence is equally valid but you cannot update the address. Fortunately the requirement to have your current address does not apply to those who move to the EU & would only be required (or subject to a £1000 fine) if the holder became a UK resident again.

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