Replate and MOT

We have just moved to France and wish to replate our 2 vehicles, MOT also runs out in August. We heard we need a carte grise. Does anybody know how to get this card and what else is required. Thank you for your help.

Hello Claudia and Welcome to our Forum.

Please will you amend your Registration page… giving your Full Name (as per our T&C’s).

If you are not sure how to do this… simply put your Full Name here, on this thread… and I will amend it for you.


PS: there is loads of info on this Forum… simply use the Search tool… it would be useful for us “Forumites”, to know a little more about your vehicles (from which country for example)

Hi Stella I have done it.

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There is loads (and loads) of stuff on here, just use the search button.

You can start by trawling through this thread.

Best of luck, I think you are going to need it!!