Residency Online Applications

Hi Guys,

I thought the French residency application process was coming online 1st October or am I misinformed?
Stay safe.

The date has been put back to the 15th of October now.

mid-october :wink:

Isn’t that online service only for people in Dordogne who have never had a CdS?

No Jane… this link is the French govt site… for all applications from Brits…


Great stuff thanks guys! I suspect it will be an interesting time with mass applications then everyone scampering back to the UK in time to quarantine prior to Christmas! Book your travel early :blush:

I think quite a few people here don’t go back to the UK very much. I certainly haven’t been to UK for Christmas for 10 years or more…


Why on earth would we want to scamper back to the UK when we can be here?


Sorry a wee bit old fashioned but family comes to mind. Enjoy wherever would be the more appropriate reply.

@kentishyeoman Sorry. I think it was the “everyone” that prompted my slightly acerbic reply.


I don’t now any brits here that travel to the Uk for Christmas

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I’d have thought an awful lot of British people living here would be more of the age/stage in life to be doing the hosting.

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I reckon the festive season will be rather different from previous years… :wink: :thinking:


Went back (back for me but not for my wife and newly born daughter) for Christmas 13 years ago so my other half could see what Christmas is like in the UK. Haven’t been back for Christmas since! We go back to the Aveyron from the Tarn :wink:

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I have seen people who used to go back to uk regularly for the first few years. After that they either got more settled in France and went back less, or they found their hearts were still in uk and moved back.

But Paul there is no need to apply as soon as the portal opens. W e have until next July. Why not wait until you return in the new year? We are not helping each other if we crash the technology by all trying to be the first in the queue.


Agreed. Since we will merely be exchanging one CdS for another we are leaving it for now as others have greater need. Particularly newcomers with no tax return and those whose paperwork is perhaps less robust.


Same here.

Not that I think it will affect me, but doesn’t that leave it a bit late, if there is a refusal for some reason, to appeal?

I will do it as soon as I see the link, but am in no hurry, and I am hoping that nationally will be better than Perigueux, although I know that the final collection will have to be from there. :rage:

Don’t even celebrate Christmas here, never mind travel 1,000 kms to do so. So we won’t be in anyone’s way. :innocent:

I’m sure you’re aware, David, that asking for nationality is a very different, more complicated and much longer process than that for a carte de séjour, I speak from experience :wink:

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