Residency Online Applications

As I am bone-weary from packing and stuff, I am squinting at that and coming up with “The Best Place To
Be Assured You’re Ill”

And what does this place deal in? Apart from maladies?

Assurance Maladie… = Health Cover

Caisse Primaire = primary body…

sometimes translations don’t work, word for word… just trust us… CPAM is where (with a bit of luck) you will meet a real person and get your dossier on the go… asking to be affiliated to the Health Service. is a wonderful government health website where you can ask for various health bits and bobs… once your dossier… lodged with CPAM… has been accepted…


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Our Mairie wouldn’t do an attestation. And they will only do proof of life forms n French. They are sticklers (otherwise known as lazy). So not all will be helpful.

You can get an EDF attestation for domicile, and your bank statements should show you spending money in France if you are ever questioned.

And many CPAM offices have restricted opening hours and limited walk-in services. Go onto and it will ask you to select your geographic area, and then you can select your nearest caisse (ie local office) and then they’ll give you the address and details about it.

Really appreciate this post, clear and simple, just what I need :blush::blush:
I have my 10 year CDS so it’s going to be easy for me thank goodness.
Many thanks to you all who share these important informations.
Much appreciated :clap::clap:


So it’s Monday, quieter than usual with the schools off for toussaint, I’ve just changed my adverts for the new Keno (fdj), bits and pieces installed in my tabac delivered La Dépêche and had my coffee in the bar en face, but what about the rest of you and the new site; how are you all getting on with it? Is it all up and running and as easy/simple as promissed?

The site went live at 08:30 and it all looks far, far easier than many had feared.


it is very similar to the old portal… and the information re documentation seems fully explained… despite fears that such info would not be available until later in the month…


@Brian_House @smw :+1: :+1: :+1:

What’s an attestation, please?

Did you have to upload any documents, current 10yr CdS ?

yes, we did have to upload docs… just like with this one…

the flowchart I have posted this morning is very clear…

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attestation = proof of something/statement/certificate/declaration :wink:

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Literally, a document that attests to a fact or situation :

  • attestation de domicile : a written statement by a 3rd person (e.g. an electricity or energy supplier) that you do in fact live where you claim to be living ;
  • attestation d’emploi : a written statement by your employer that you are so employed, and usually mentioning the date you started and the type of employment contract
    etc, etc…
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@Vanessa_Lees If I’ve understood you Vanessa, if you already have a 10 year CdS all you have to upload is a photograph of it. Very easy

Great, thanks. We scanned them in but it is a pdf rather than a jpeg. Hope that will be ok. We will try to do it later.

Not had a chance to look…got my head under some stairs

Really easy for those who already have a CdS. You only need to photo/scan the front of your CdS (which has your photo on it).
If you are not sure which is the right number for your CdS they show you in a diagram.
You have to fill in some basic info address / date of arrival in France / etc/ including your passport details.
The English pages are very easy to follow though there’s a strange translation of what I assume means street name and number (called channel for some reason)
You are shown a copy of everything you have filled in at the end.
They will send a confirmatory email.