Restrictions on roofing

Does anybody know if there are any restrictions on changing a tiled roof to a new metal roof? Also, any prices for retiling a roof if metal roofing is not allowed (ballpark price). Thanks

Look at your local PLU to see if there are any local restrictions on materials, but generally all you need to do is complete and submit a déclaration préalable when changing materials.

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I assume you will not be sleeping under it because the noise is can be overcoming let alone the condensation

Ask the Mairie.
Ask a couple of artisans for quotes.

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There maybe, depending in the location. We just did a ‘refĂ©ction de toit’ with multi page document submitted at the Mairie for architectural approval.

We are in a historically protected village zone, which may not be your case but I gather that permission for building or exterior renovations/changes must always be sought, even with like for like works.

@vero and @JaneJones give good advice - check with your Mairie

Our Maire sent this round to everyone last week. It’s a useful aid. You’re area may have slightly different rules.

Pour vous aider dans vos projets-1665744186.pdf (367.0 KB)


We were certainly told at the Mairie that we would need to submit a déclaration préalable for any change of roofing material - even just the colour. We live in a rural area where the neighbours are not going to be remotely bothered but that is what is in the plan.

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That’s a very useful handout, @hairbear - thanks for posting it.