Revenus 2018 Blue Form 2042

On the Blue 2042 form in section 8 on the back page, I have to declare the UK tax hubby pays but they have changed the wording and I can’t work out which box to fill in. Many thanks for the help

Difficult to say without knowing the type of income. You don’t normally declare the amount of tax paid (hummmm), you declare the revenue and receive a tax credit for amounts already paid. Generally 8TK but not necessarily. Such amounts will also appear on other forms.

I suggest you go and ask at your Tax Office… so many things have changed… and they would rather you ask… than make a mistake… :thinking::hugs:

It usually goes in 8TA but the wording is different on this form

Ahhhh so hubby is not resident in France then ? Box 8TA has been, and still is used to declare French withholding tax paid on French source income by someone resident outside France. If that’s the case you’d also need to complete form 2041 E to show and carry forward the resultant calculation onto your 2042.

As Stella suggests - best to pop down to your tax office…

Hubby is a resident, but works and pays tax in the UK, the French tax office send us a 2042 and a 2047K. In the past I have filled in 8TA, but the wording is different and even translated it doesn’t make sense to me.

Ok well box 8TA is not a box a French resident should ever have filled in. I have explained it’s use above. You really need to speak to your tax office so they can correct the error for you.

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“You really need to speak to your tax office so they can correct the error for you.”

Best of luck with that.

Why so disparaging? They are generally really helpful. Do you have a better suggestion?

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Have always found the Tax offices here in France very helpful.
Some helpful advice.
If any of you do not have sufficient french, take someone with you that has. Pls don’t expect all tax officers to have a working knowledge of English.

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I meant Good luck with getting to see someone at the tax office. I have been trying to get an appointment for nearly two weeks.

Many years ago I did get a one to one with someone at the tax office. Cold, unfriendly, but efficient. No worries.
I no longer know anyone who speaks French well enough or can be bothered to go with me but language is not that big a deal when I can take a printout of a translation with me to explain the problems. It is easier for people going to UK from outside. Tax forms are available in something like 40 foreign languages. Different attitude I guess.

Do as I recently did. Appointments weren’t available so I went along early, was first in line and was able to get everything sorted there and then.
If you even try some French and have, as you suggest, a printout of a translation covering your problems then don’t delay !

It’s in the constitution. The language of France is French. So why would you expect anything different when dealing with French authority?


Don’t know about different attitude. Of course if you are newly arrived in France and don’t have confidence in the language then I understand why its difficult.
If you have been here several years then surely you should be able to manage a simple conversation, questions and answers about your bank, income etc;
The UK is not France, why should they provide 40 od d translations, surely you knew that when you moved here ?


That’s fine as far as it goes, but how does it work when they explain the solution?

Well, but it’s not that easy to be warm and friendly when there is no two-way dialogue…


Your post suggests you have been in France many years. It’s unfortunate that you have not learned sufficient French to have a basic conversation at your tax office.

In my opinion, immigrants should learn the language of the country they choose as their home. Expecting any documents to be other than in French or expecting French people to speak English is just bizarre.


As always you have said it better than I ever could …:hugs:


Thank you Ann xxx :kissing_heart::hugs:

I seem to remember that on one post you said you’d been here over 10 years? If so, I find it strange that you don’t know any French people or anyone who speaks French…I would encourage you to learn if you are planning to stay here. But tax offices are generally very helpful, even if your skills are limited…

In the UK you may get tax forms translated into many languages, but you would find impossible to go and see a tax officer, unlike here where it is hugely easy. Ours tax office doesn’t work on a RDV system unless you are a professional. For particulars it’s first come, first served.